Carriers must represent the interests of their passengers

27 april 2017

"A new generation of transport management system needs to be introduced because the system that is currently in place completely fails to deliver the required quality of transport management, the required level of safety and modern level of comfort for passengers or the reliability of the date that go into reports," Analytical Center expert Alexander Malakhov said, speaking at the Applied Science Conference Public Transport in a City that is Comfortable to Live in.

According to the expert, modern technologies make it possible to implement new more efficient business models in public transport. These models save on investment and operating costs, reduce budget subsidies, improve comfort and safety, reduce the cost of services and improve competition in the industry. And passengers love them, too.

This is the so-called third generation transport system in which all the business logic is handled by specialized software tools running in the cloud while on the ground cheap commodity hardware is used.

The public transport concept must include a justification for the structure of passenger flows based on a mathematical model and technical solutions that prioritize the needs of passengers. Carriers must represent the passengers and their interests rather than the state and its interests, Mr. Malakhov believes.

All the technologies needed to implement these ideas have already been created, organizational schemes are being looked at, essentially what is needed now is political and management will.