Federal Statistics Service and Federal Road Agency remain leaders of open data publication rating

17 april 2017

The Analytical Center has published another rating of open data publications by public authorities. This time it was for Q1 2017. The rating was compiled using the information available on the Russian Federation open data portal on 1 April 2017. Executive authorities were rated using a methodology developed by the Analytical Center.

Federal executive bodies published a total of 4,520 open data sets, with 2,493 data sets representing the increase that occurred in 2016. 41 new data sets were published in Q1 2017. Meanwhile, in order to optimize the number of data sets some federal executive bodies deleted outdated data sets (also 41), so the total number of federal data sets available on the open data portal remains the same, the experts explain. In Q1 2017 the open data sets were viewed a total of 954,760 times (in 2016 there were 854,250 views).

The total number of views exceeded 2 million. "From 7 April 2016 through 7 April 2017 the open data portal was accessed by 228,253 unique users. Since the portal went online, it has been visited by 415,236 unique users," the experts write. In 2016, open data sets were downloaded 35,060 times and in Q1 2017 there were 39,130 downloads (an increase of 4,070 downloads). In 2016, downloaded data sets accounted for 44.14% of total downloads and in Q1 2017 this percentage increased slightly to 48.47%.

As for outdated sets, in Q4 2016 they made up 39.76% of the total (78.4% in Q3 2016, 44.25% in 2015). In Q1 2017б the percentage of outdated data sets increased to 59.31%.

The experts note that the Federal Statistics Service (‑1st place) and the Federal Road Agency (2nd‑ place) still remain the leaders in terms of the published data sets. The Federal Tourism Agency was rated third followed by the Ministry for Education and Science of Russia in the 4th‑ place. The experts point out that the number of open data sets published by the Ministry for Trade and Industry of Russia fell because the data they published were reorganized, with the result that the Ministry is now in the 6th place behind the Ministry for Finance of Russia. Among regional governments, the executive authorities of the Republic of Tatarstan and Voronezh Oblast started publishing open data for the first time.

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