It is necessary to change the approach to the obtaining of statistics in the tourism sector

12 april 2017

The methodology of Russian statistical recording on tourism is constantly improving, but still not fully in line with global standards, experts write in the new issue of the bulletin on competition development entitled Inbound Tourism Statistics System: Barriers to Industry Development.

According to experts, the lack of comprehensive statistical observation in the area of tourism creates barriers for the development of the industry. First of all, this leads to the fact that the Russian Federation lacks the necessary data both for the generation of the industry policy and for the assessing of the effectiveness of the measures taken.

"Another barrier is the lack of data about the structure of demand and the needs of the tourists. This complicates greatly the development of programs to attract foreign visitors," write the specialists. Experts believe that cooperation with the largest private companies can facilitate data collection. US experience shows that it is possible to shift some of the data collection efforts to large private companies and associations that are also interested in high-quality statistical base. In the opinion of analysts, despite the current state policy to reduce the reporting burden on business, first of all, small business, qualitative and reliable information about the needs of the private sector is necessary to form a balanced support policy.

Specialists are confident that in order to form a smart strategy for the development of inbound tourism in the Russian Federation, it is necessary to form a competitive domestic tourist product in the first place. Experts believe that the introduction of competitiveness indicators set by international organizations as target performance indicators of responsible public authorities will help improve the position of the Russian Federation vis-a-vis other countries and make it more attractive for foreign tourists.

Also, according to the analysts, the Russian statistics requires the introduction of a tourism subsidiary account, and the analysis of the effectiveness of the measures of industry policy requires the calculation of such indicator as budgetary appropriations to tourism.

To represent more accurately the contribution of tourism to the economy of the country, including indirect influence, it is necessary to have data about the structure of supply chains in tourism, analysts say. To this end, special matrices should be developed reflecting the proportion, in which the output of each industry is distributed among other industries, export and import sectors. In which case, the indicator of the "quality" of the tourist attracted to the country is the income from inbound tourism per visitor.

Please see details on the pages of the Inbound Tourism Statistics System bulletin: barriers to industry development".

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