Common Information System of Monitoring and Supervision Activities to Bring Together all the Reform Parties

11 april 2017

The Analytical Center has discussed the options for the architecture of the Common Information System of Monitoring and Supervision Activities (CIS MSA) and a draft monitoring & oversight digitization project.

According to the Head of the Department for IT Projects of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of Russia Oleg Kachanov, CIS MSA is a set of information technology systems that ensure the performance of obligations, excise of rights, and co-operation between all actors participating in monitoring and oversight activities and other stakeholders, and aim at bringing them all together into a single information space. It is going to be a digital system running on top of the e-government infrastructure.

The system will be performing several tasks. "First of all, it will allow for the planning of monitoring and supervision activities and interaction between monitoring and oversight bodies, on the one hand, and organizations they are monitoring and supervising, on the other," Mr. Kachanov said. "Second, different organizations, authorities and types of activities are going to be assigned risk categories and hazard classes." In addition, monitoring and supervision as well as preventive activities will begin to be carried out, complaints and petitions from the public will begin to be reviewed and the efficiency and effectiveness of all the monitoring and supervision activities will be assessed.

Participants in the discussion identified a large group of potential CIS MSA users: monitoring and supervisory authorities, organizations being monitored and supervised, the justice department, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications, the Government of Russia, the Office of the Russian President, as well as other interested citizens and organizations.

The experts paid special attention to taking into account mandatory requirements. The specialists believe it is important to develop a draft list of mandatory requirements for the information system of the monitoring and supervisory bodies and include the mandatory requirements for specific sectors of the economy in the federal registry of state services.

The event was held to implement Clause 8, Section 3 of the action plan (Road Map) to improve the monitoring and supervision activities in Russia in 2016-2017 approved by the Government of the Russian Federation in its Resolution No 559-r dated 1st April, 2016.

It should be reminded that the Analytical Center has set up a project management office to implement the reform of monitoring and supervision activities in Russia.