All the participants of the Best Information Analytics Tools contest deserve attention

10 april 2017

Mid-May will see the start of the Best Information Analytics Tools 2017 Contest. A similar contest held by the Analytical Center in 2016 showed high demand for information analytics tools among government authorities. Thus, tools developed by Russian companies and submitted to the contest were highly praised by both the expert group of the contest and its panel.

It should be stressed that in some categories several participants almost tied for the first place and the winners were determined on the basis of additional criteria with quite a bit of drama.

A report was published after the contest where you can find information about where the contest was held, what nominations it consisted of, what methods were used to choose the winners as well as information about all the projects that applied for the contest.

"The winners were announced in January 2017, but we believe it is important that our report contains information not only on the projects that our panel found to be the best ones. In our report you will find information about all the information analytics tools that participated in the contest. I am sure they more than deserve not only to be written about in our report but to be implemented in various sectors of the eco­nomy as decision-making aides," Konstantin Noskov, Head of the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation, said in his introductory address presenting the report.

You can read about the Best Information Analytics Tools 2016 contest on the website. The Best Information Analytics Tools 2017 contest is yet to be announced. However, preparations for it are already underway.

Photo: from open sources