The Analytical Center to assess development of competition in the regions

6 april 2017

"The Analytical Center has begun assessing the efforts of regional authorities across Russia aimed at introducing the Competition Development Standard. Information for 2016 to be used in the assessment was provided by all the 85 regions, while last year the Republic of Kalmykia, Altai and Tyva had to be excluded from the assessment," said Tatiana Rachenko, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, speaking at the Practice of Introducing the Competition Development Standard in Russian Regions seminar organized by the Russian Anti-Monopoly Service.

Last year, the Analytical Center's efforts resulted in the publication of the Rating of Regional Heads’ Support for the Development of Competition in 2015, which was compiled on the basis of the information provided by the regions and was one of the results of implementing the provisions of the Standard.

According to Ms. Radchenko, this year the Analytical Center ran into a number of problems with the assessment of the country's regions. The major problem was that different regions use their own sets of competition metrics making it hard to compare the regions with each other.