The Ministry of Sport's statistics becomes more graphic

31 march 2017

Analytical Center experts have analyzed and adapted the statistical forms used by the Russian Ministry of Transport and using data on people "ready for work and defense", the number of people going in for sports, the training of athletes in reserve, the sports infrastructure, coaches and other related information, they developed an information model and built analytical panels that make it possible to see correlations between different sets of data over time. New technologies were used during the presentation by the minister at the final session of the Board of the Russian Ministry of Sports: instead of a traditional power point presentation, the participants were shown interactive info-graphics.

"Our colleagues from the Analytical Center helped us. The industry statistical forms were merged into a more readable single format, which allows us to get full information for each region of Russia in interactive format and see which territories and regions are pulling out ahead and which ones need more work," said Russia's Minister of Sport Pavel Kolobkov, speaking at the Board meeting.

According to the ministry, the share of Russians that exercise regularly went up to 34.2% in 2016. At the same time the share of high school and university students that exercise on a regular basis went up to 74.8% (the target for getting them involved in regular physical exercise was 64%). The number of people with disabilities doing regular exercise is growing as well; today in Russia 977,600 such people do exercise regularly (12.1% of the total number of Russians with disabilities). The number of registered participants of the Ready-for-Work-and-Defense Program has doubled on 2015, with the total number of registered participants now exceeding 4 million (in 2015 there were 2 million people registered in the Ready-for-Work-and-Defense Program).

The final board meeting of the Ministry is traditionally held in March. Participants look back at what happened over the past year and agree plans for the coming year.