Shifts in the regional structure are challenging Russia's economy

2 december 2013

The Analytical Centre has released an expert report on one of the current Russia's challenges, namely shifts in the regional economic structure. This is becoming even more critical given the ever-declining population, high migration rates, and consequences of the 2008-2009 financial crisis.

The report explores the regional features of Russia's development from the point of both official geographical division based on federal districts and the types of regions within the synthetic approach to regional classification.

The report analyzes geographical parameters of the population dynamics, gross regional product and cost of living, mining industry, manufacturing, capital stock investments, budget costs and other factors critical both for evaluating current flows and for long-term strategic planning.

Experts of the Analytical Center say the results of this analysis and the detailed description of the regions and their development types can help decision-makers address a number of practical region-related problems.