The Government is working on a science and technology development plan

23 march 2017

The Analytical Center has hosted and interdepartmental meeting to discuss the action plan aimed at implementing the Strategy for the Science and Technology Development of the Russian Federation approved by the President of Russia on 1st December, 2016. "Our goal is to make proposals and approve those points of the plan that will allow us to effectively implement the provisions of the strategy," said Vladislav Onischenko, First Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, as he opened the meeting.

"It is a very important document regarded as being as important as the Economic Development Strategy," stressed Denis Sekirinsky, Deputy Head of the Science and Education Policy Directorate of the Presidential Administration. "It is not about the development of science but rather about the development of the country driven by science and technology. Other key issues include cooperation between science and the real sector of the economy as well as international cooperation. The measures stipulated in the document are intended to bridge the gap between plans and their result."

It was Grigoriy Trubnikov, Deputy Minister for Science and Education, who presented the action plan for discussion. "Our goal is to spell out the measures included in the Strategy in detail and break them down into steps and stages," Mr. Trubnikov said. "We must define an optimal format and an optimal level of detail as well as implementation indicators for the plan."

Mr. Trubnikov also talked about the establishment of councils to supervise priority science and technology development areas, noting that their main job is to develop promising comprehensive science and technology projects and programs.

The meeting passed in an atmosphere of constructive dialog and cooperation, with participants, representatives of federal state authorities, science, state corporations and major businesses, sharing their views on the provisions of the plans and offering proposals for how they could be improved.