Computer-aided project management system optimizes work of ministries and government agencies on priority projects

20 march 2017

Friday the Analytical Center hosted courses for representatives of the government agencies participating in the reform of the supervision and oversight function in how to use the computer-aided project management system. The system has been developed and is being used to optimize the efforts aimed at the implementation of priority state projects and offers users a number of convenient and useful functions.

"Work on 8 federal projects is already being carried out in the computer-aided project management system; all the projects being implemented by various agencies and ministries must be available in the system as component parts of those big projects," the Analytical Center expert Semyon Volchkov reminded those present. All projects must be entered into the system with checkpoints where they have to be added to work schedules, he explained.

The computer aided project management system first and foremost makes it possible to more efficiently use time and human resources involved with projects. In addition, state organizations will be able to more easily generate progress reports and other documents for projects they are working on once they put those projects in the system. Each project entered into the computer aided project management system comprises 4 consecutive stages: initiation - preparation - implementation - closing. The same set of entities is used for every project, with the entities being time-frames, the curator, project manager, goals, outcomes and performance indicators.

The most debated issue was the so called checkpoints: dates, goals and indicators used for monitoring the progress of projects. Representatives of government organizations wanted to know who creates them and at what stage, how reports get generated and whether checkpoints can be changed for an active project that work's still being carried out on and some other details.

The first meeting focused on the general issues of working with the system and on what reports government organizations are expected to generate for projects they work on. Meetings on the other aspects of working with the computer-aided project management systems are going to be held in the near future.