Quality information analytics tools are need to offer state services in digital format

16 march 2017

Deputy Head of the Department for Information Technologies of the Analytical Center Anatoly Karpenko talked about the Best Information Analytics Tools 2016 contest at the interindustry information technology forum Russia's Multidimensional Cities. The expert made special mention of the importance of using information analytics tools, including geo-information systems, to offer state and municipal services in digital format.

"The tools presented in the nomination Best Information Analytics Tools for Processing Spatial Data offer functionality that can be used to provide a broad range of state and municipal services in digital format, including the issuance of urban development plans for specific land plots, the preparation and issuance of construction and commissioning permits, the preparation of draft land plot boundaries, the assignment (amendment or annulment) of addresses and many others. These capabilities have been implemented and are widely used in practice by many regional and municipal authorities," Mr. Karpenko said.

He also noted that geo-information systems (cartographic data) are used to one degree or another in all the information analytics tools that won in all the six nominations of the contest, with no exception.

Speaking about the findings of the interactive survey conducted as part of the contest during the closing conference, Mr. Karpenko named the negative factors that are holding back the development and deployment of information analytics tools. Practically half of the respondents named the lack of skilled labor and lack of a culture of working with data as the main negative factors. The respondents also believe that the other significant obstacles include the lack of understanding on the part of many managers and government officials of the importance and necessity of including information analytics tools in the management decision making process as well as the fact that a lot of the data that has been collected and is available is in a form that renders is useless for mining and analysis.