Organizing recreation and health improvement for kids requires special attention

14 march 2017

"Today we are going to talk about the key provisions of the map of risks designed for eliminating the excessive mandatory requirement for the organization of recreation and health improvement for children, including tourism for kids and the operation of health improvement and occupational guidance camps for children in the country," Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva said as she opened a round-table at the Analytical Center.

Special attention will be paid to 6 key groups that require a separate assessment. These are safety, quality of the environment, education, organizational, financial, economic and regulatory aspects. At the same time the assessment must be comprehensive and systematic, Ms. Karakchieva pointed out. The analyst is also of the opinion that in terms of the risks it faces Russia is no different than most other countries and uses similar indicators, groups and methods.

Olga Khobotova, a representative of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, believes that organizing recreation and health improvement for kids has always been a key function of the government but in recent decades the old regulations and methodologies have lost touch with reality and that resulted in a number of problems. To get the system running smoothly, new documents are being adopted at the federal level. "Risk maps should not be regarded as yet another formality. Any camp head must understand that a risk map can help prevent a variety of emergencies and should an emergency happen, it will help eliminate it quickly," the government official said. It is also important to only introduce restrictions that will make the work easier rather than more difficult, Ms. Khobotova is sure.

The Russian EMERCOM monitors the safety of children's recreation facilities on an annual basis, noted Igor Molodtsov, a representative of the Russian EMERCOM, as he talked about what his ministry was doing in this area. In May-June 2017 it is planned to carry out a numb er of audits and preventive measures that include establishing better communication with children's camps, putting in place additional protections against emergencies, patrolling water bodies, training people in evacuation from buildings and a number of others "This year the supervisory bodies of the ministries ensured the implementation of government Resolution No 806 on the use of the risk-oriented approach," Mr. Molodtsov said. "Now all organizations that work with children have been reclassified as high risk and are closely monitored."

"The requirements that exist today and that must be met by all health improvement organizations are going to remain in place. Meanwhile, we are making amendments to all health and safety regulations that demand mandatory issuance of sanitary and epidemiological reports," said Russian Consumer Supervision Service representative Semen Plaksin. Now all organizations will get reports issued on their sanitary-epidemiological status as was the case prior to 2012, he pointed out.

Deputy Director of the Federal Centre for Children and Youth Tourism and Local Studies Vladimir Omelchenko believes that a joint audio conference should be held with local branches of the Federal Consumer Supervision Service and the notion of tourism services for children should be defined in legislation.

The experts noted that a monitoring group should be set up, for example at the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation, in order to conduct research in this area on an on-going basis.

The round table was held by the Analytical Center and the Ministry for Education and Science of Russia to implement Clause 5, Section I of the Minutes No 9 of the meeting of the sub-commission for improving the supervisory (oversight) and licensing functions of executive authorities of the Governmental Administrative Reform Commission that took place on October 28, 2016.

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