Analytical Center looks at what was done in 2016

13 march 2017

More than 800 information and analytical materials at the instruction of the Government, more than 200 expert events, more than 400 copies of periodicals, more than 30 research and consultations papers, 6,500 mentions in the media—the Analytical Center lists the results for 2016.

Experts of the Analytical Center keep an eye on the trends in the socio-economic sphere, analyzing the changes. In 2016, 839 information and analytical materials were prepared at the instruction of the Government. Work on public information and analytical products continued. Monthly bulletins on energy issues, current trends in the Russian and world economy were released. Quarterly bulletins on education, competition promotion, reviews of legal and regulatory changes in the Fuel and Energy Complex of Russia and the world were published. The ratings of the publication activity of public authorities, competition promotion, regional purchases efficiency, etc. were made.

The situation in the world energy market allowed reviving the strategic forecasting of the Russian and world energy production and resuming the release of "The Forecast of Development of the Energy Sector of the World and Russia until 2040"—a publication that was traditionally jointly released by the Analytical Center and the Energy Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In December, the Human Development Report covering the Russian Federation was released focusing on the "UN Sustainable Development Goals and Russia", providing the expert comprehensive analysis and adaptation of sustainable development goals that were adopted for all countries worldwide for 2016-2030. The Analytical Center prepared the third report, continuing a multi-year series of works that were previously conducted under the auspices of UNDP. New issues of annual industry analytics were published in 2016: The 2015 Russian Fuel&Energy Complex Survey and the report "Russian Competitive Environment Analysis."

On October 15, 2016, the government approved the provisions on project activities and a plan of priority measures for its organization. Priority projects and programs approved at the federal level raised the profile of the project management in the public sector and lifted the "Proyektniy Olimp" ("Project Olympus") contest, which was held by the Analytical Center for the third time in 2016, on a new plane. Moreover, the Analytical Center got the status of a regional project management certification center. Our experts actively participate in approved priority projects and programs on the reform of control and supervisory activities, single-industry towns, environmental policy, international cooperation, and export.

More than 9,000 experts participated in 222 events that were held in 2016 at the Analytical Center. National Oil and Gas Forum and St. Petersburg International Gas Forum were held with the support of the Analytical Center, as well as expert sessions at Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Sochi 2016 International Investment Forum, International Industrial Trade Fair Innoprom-2016 in Yekaterinburg, RUSGRIDS-ELECTRO Forum in Moscow, Economic Forum "Innovation. Business. Education" in Yaroslavl, etc.

See the Report to find more about these and other activities of the Analytical Center in 2016.