E-trade may become a business development driver

9 march 2017

The Analytical Center has held a seminar on exports through e-trade channels. In his opening address the first deputy head of the Analytical Center Vladislav Onischenko noted that exports play an important role in bringing the Russian economy back to growth, while on-line trading is perhaps the most promising way to develop various industries. "When it comes to online exports it does not matter what size your company is or what kind of experience you have. You just need to find an effective strategy to promote your offering in various markets and understand which niche you want to win so you can correctly position your company and develop the right marketing strategy," Mr. Onischenko said.

Sergey Lobanov, Deputy Director of the Department for the Development of Internal Trade, Light Industry and Legalization of the Goods Turnover at the Ministry of Trade of Russia, said that e-commerce is one of the fastest growing trade segments in Russia, expanding by between 20% and 30% every year and that in 2016 B2C e-commerce saw sales of about RUB 850 billion. The potential for growth in e-trade is obvious as its share in the Russian market today is just 3% while in other countries it is closer to 20%, Mr. Lobanov believes.

According to Russian Exports Center CEO Petr Fradkov, the government has started taking an interest in e-commerce, one indication of which is the fact that it has been included in the functions of a federal project management office. "The Russian Exports Center plans to offer the tools that should help bring together business initiative and demands of Russian businesses and the administrative resource needed to sort out legislative and logistical problems," Mr. Fradkov said. At the same time it is not enough for business simply to want to engage in e-commerce, feedback and practical steps are vital as well. The Russian Exports Center is ready to help Russian businesses in this endeavor, which was confirmed by the very first presentation in which eBay offered discounts for the first 100 entrepreneurs submitting applications through the Russian Exports Center.