Crimea's energy sector needs comprehensive systems-based approach

27 february 2017

"Crimea can and should become a testing ground for refining technological and investment solutions for mass introduction of cutting edge technologies that will make up the new electrical grid," said Evgeny Gasho, an expert of the Analytical Center, at the conference titled "Investment Climate in Crimea". According to Mr. Gasho, the energy sector in Crimea needs a comprehensive and systems-based approach more than anywhere else, as the peninsula has a number of unique geographical and regional features that set it apart in how energy sources are connected to consumers.

Energy consumption in Crimea is extremely low, and steps need to be taken to increase the use of electricity in this new region of Russia while employing various energy efficient systems and schematics solutions. First of all, pilot projects need to be implemented to supply consumers with electricity using hybrid systems combining traditional and renewable energy sources.

"Analysis indicates that active efforts to conserve energy in buildings help free up significant amounts of power plant capacity, which is extremely important under the current conditions when every available resource is being directed to reviving the region's economy. This kind of comprehensive approach will help find a solution for getting the significant solar power plant capacity on the energy balance of the region through the production of cold and fresh water for technical needs and for industry," the expert believes.