State Must Be in Charge of Building Schools

15 february 2017

“The notion that was put forward that ‘when building schools the most important things to consider for the state should be the cost: the cheaper you can build a school the better’ is fundamentally flawed because priority must be given to the effectiveness of spending,” said the Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva speaking at the Urban Talks discussion titled School Architecture as a Tool for Personal Development, which looked at the controversial issue of whether or not the building of new schools should be outsourced to private businesses.

“All we need to do is to look at the goal of the priority project to create a modern educational environment for school students that we adopted in 2016, in which the construction of general education infrastructure facilities is tied to the use of modern architectural and planning solutions. At the same time the outcomes of the project emphasize not simply the commissioning of new schools buildings but rather a paradigm shift in the educational infrastructure - a school is not just a comfortable place for learning but first and foremost a key idea that a specific school building must be designed to accommodate (including curricula, educational resource, a management system and the environment),” Ms. Karakchieva explained.

At the same time the wear and tear of the infrastructure of Russian schools coupled with an increase in the number of students adds to the relevance of the issue of promoting public-private cooperation. Thus the expert went on to add that in her opinion diversity of formats, expanding the number of participants in the education infrastructure (through cooperation with NGOs, businesses and local communities) will make it possible to create new institutional forms of education.