Development of the Digital Economy Should Begin with the Strategy

2 february 2017

Education, healthcare, transport, trade, industry, and agriculture - digitalization prospects of these sectors were discussed by participants of the brainstorming at the Analytical Center yesterday.

First, it is required to define a strategy for development of the digital economy and then create a digital ecosystem and launch first pilot projects, according to the experts. Further, it is important to define competencies and resources and develop data analytics and digital leadership.

“The Internet access should be open to all people. For this purpose, we should develop the infrastructure and improve digital literacy among our people,” thinks Mr Vasily Pushkin, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center. In his opinion, it is important to establish data sharing, improve regulations, define legal value of a digital record, and create a digital archive.

Participants of the discussion noted that it would be needed to generate feedback mechanisms, develop governmental services, infrastructure, platforms and ecosystem. It is also required to ensure stability of the digital economy as to the balance of regulations, monitoring and supervision, economic and social effect.

We would like to remind that currently there is no clear definition of the ‘digital economy’ term in the legislative practice. In the draft Information Society Development Strategy of the Russian Federation through 2017-2030, the digital economy is defined as activities where the key production factors are data presented in digital form. Analysis of these data allows a substantially better efficiency, quality and productivity in various types of production versus traditional forms of business.

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