Private-Public Partnership will help digital economy development

31 january 2017

The Digital Economy: Prospects for Russia workshop was held at the Analytical Center. "Russia is among the countries in the state of transition to digital economy. We have low usage of cloud computing technologies, insufficient cyber security, and broadband internet access level is lower than in the OECD countries," thinks Yuri Khokhlov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute for the Development of Information Society.

Speaking about building the digital economy foundation, Senior Coordinator of World Bank Programs Oleg Petrov noted that digital economy constitutes a new paradigm for expediting economic development, which is based on real-time data exchange taking place by virtue of digital technologies, institutions, regulations and skills. Among the 4 components of digital economy foundation he named telecommunication networks and systems (fixed broadband communications, mobile broadband connections and throughput capacity of international channels), data centers and cloud services (infrastructure for data centers, cloud computing services and transit data connections), cyber security (data confidentiality, industrial security and network cyber security) and joint usage digital platforms (Common Government Services Portal, compatible, mobile and social media platforms, electronic purchasing and payments, the Internet of Things and blockchain platforms). As for the analog components of the digital economy, they constitute legal and regulatory acts, public administration and institutions, skills and private enterprise, clarified Mr Petrov.

Discussion participants agreed that private-public partnership will play a major role in the digital economy development.

Let us recall that the Analytical Center participates in the development of the Digital Economy Program which provides for measures to establish legal, technical, organizational and financial conditions for development of digital economy in the Russian Federation and its integration in the Eurasian Economic Union's economic space.