Analytical Center To Re-assess State of Competition in Russian Markets Again

25 january 2017

How are businesses doing in the conditions that exist today for business and investment? 25th January through 22nd February, 2017 the Analytical Center will once again be carrying out its annual poll of representatives of the business community to analyze the state of competition in the Russian markets of goods and services.

"The findings of the poll conducted in 2016 allowed us to assess the state of competition in the Russian markets," noted Ksenia Sukhorukova, Deputy Head of Department for Competition Policy of the Analytical Center. "In 2016 our estimate put it at 51%, which was, on the whole, comparable to 2015, when it was 53%, and far below our estimate for 2014, when it was 70%." At the same time, in the 3 years that the Analytical Center has been studying the issue, there has been an increase in the percentage of entrepreneurs noting weak competition or total lack thereof, as well as a decline in the number of competitors in the market, the expert added.

Last year's poll showed that competition has the greatest impact in such sectors as the food industry, IT, construction materials and non-metallic products manufacturing (including rubber and plastic products), while the timber process, pulp and paper industry as well as the fuel and energy sector are least affected by competition. In the meantime, food producers and manufacturers of electronic and optical equipment say they are now feeling much more confident that they can sell their products even if the prices for them are going up. The key barriers to doing business remained essentially unchanged in 2016. The report noted problems with accessing financial resources, pressure being put on markets by the dominant players, anti-competitive moves by government authorities, as well as changes in laws and regulations that make doing business harder.

Once the new poll is completed in late February, the experts will be able to answer questions about what is holding back business development today, what changes have occurred in the past year, whether business feels the support of the state and whether Russian businesses are still optimistic about expanding their operations. The findings of the poll will be processed and analyzed so they can then be used as the basis for the Annual Report on the Development of Competition in Russia, which will be made publicly available on the website of the Analytical Center.

To take part in the poll follow this link.

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