Experts Note Drop in Activity on Open Data Portal Towards End of 2016

23 january 2017

Analytical Center experts have prepared a new rating for the publication of open data by public authorities in Q4, 2016. In the study the experts conclude that there was a slowing down in the rate of increase in the number of views and downloads of open data sets as well as the number of data sets available on the open data portal towards the end of the year, while the executive authorities of 17 Russian regions did not publish any data on the portal at all.

In Q1-Q3 2016 the rate of increase in the number of published data sets was rising, however in Q4 of the last year there was a significant drop in the rate of increase. Only 394 new data sets were published on the portal. The experts point to a drop in activity among the regional executive authorities.

Another trend noted by the analysts is that a lot of the existing data sets, around 67%, are no longer being updated. A number of sets are one-off studies that are not supposed to get updated, however, the experts are of the opinion that methodological recommendations need to be developed for managing the life cycle of open data sets.

The "laggards" among the Russian regions would be well advised to improve their work with open data, the specialists believe and recommend that executive authorities approve a schedule for publishing open data, which would regulate, among other things, how often published data sets must be updated. The adoption of such a document would increase the number of published data sets, focus the executive authorities' attention on keeping them updated and that will improve the region's position in the rating, the authors of the study point out.

Among the federal executive authorities the Federal Statistics Service (2407) holds the 1st place in terms of the number of published data sets(as of November 26, 2016). The Federal Roads Services is ranked 2nd (143) with a big lead on the Ministry for Trade of Russia (121), which comes 3rd.

In terms of the total number of downloads of published data the Federal Service for Technical and Export Supervision (33206) is in the 1st place, the Federal Agricultural Supervision Service (2963) is in the 2nd place and the Federal Statistics Service (2824) is in the 3rd place (as of November 26, 2015).

Among the Russian regions, Tula Oblast is in 1st place in terms of the number of published data sets (880), Moscow is in 2nd place (771) and Ulyanovsk Oblast is in 3rd place(652) (as of November 26, 2016).

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