Automation to Assist Reform of Supervision and Oversight Delivery

19 january 2017

As part of the seminar on the sharing the best practices on how to improve the supervision and oversight function at the Analytical Center a session was held on the use of digitalization of technologies for supervision and oversight delivery.

"The priority project to reform the supervision and oversight function there is a big section on automation. The idea is that automation should help achieve such goals as increasing transparency, applying the practice of declarations, improving the quality of administration, reducing damages and the administrative burden," Oleg Kachanov , Director of Department for IT projects of the Ministry for Communications of Russia, said in his presentation. "We have concluded that we do not need to develop new systems as part of the priority project, it will be enough to utilize the existing system providing we define specific roles more clearly and expand and refine certain units."

According to Mr. Kachanov, the supervised companies are going to interface with the supervision and oversight authorities via the state services portal on which all participants in the supervision and oversight process will have their own accounts. Each account will have specific information analytic systems linked to it, depending on which agency it belongs to, and if no such systems are available, the users will have the option to utilize cloud based solutions provided at the request of the Ministry for Communications. A single IT environment will provide the interaction of the supervised legal with the supervision authorities.

Andrey Matveenko, Head of Digital Community Development Unit of the State Regulation in the Economy Department of the Ministry for Economic Development of Russia, talked about the results of the efforts to improve the interdepartmental interaction during supervision and oversight. One of them was the 5-day deadline for responding to requests; another one was new standards and methodological materials.

Alexander Efimov, Head of Department for Solutions for the Public Sector at SAS Russia/CIS, presented the basic model of the risk based approach applied by ministries and agencies during oversight and supervision, and a risk management model. He made special mention of the fact that the data collection interface allows the users to specify risk profiles in advance as early as during the initial data collection stage, with the idea that these risk profiles will then be studied by the system in order to assign a single risk rating as well as determine grounds for audits.

Vitaly Losev, Deputy Head of Directorate for IT Projects in Labor and Employment of the Federal Labor Service, talked about a solution for digitizing the supervision and oversight systems used by various ministries and federal services, which is already being developed and is to be deployed at the Federal Labor Service. "Our concept is that the new computer aided supervision and oversight system is a new generation state information system that allows for interaction and management in real time and can independently make decisions and help protect the labor rights of the people while reducing the corruption risks among inspectors, diminishing the administrative burden on the employers and improving the efficiency of the use of state funds," Mr. Losev said, presenting the structure of the key systems and modules of the computer aided supervision and oversight system.

The participants in the session also heard a report by Head of Mobile Services Unit of the Moscow government Andrey Zelenkov on the automation of the work of Moscow inspectors, while Mikhail Avetisov, the lead expert on analytical solutions with SAP-CIS, talked about the company's international experience in the introduction of analytical tools.

Anatoly Karpenko, Deputy Head for Information Technologies of the Analytical Center, talked about the preliminary results of the Best Information Analytics Tools 2016 contest in the nomination Best Solution for Supervision and Oversight.

Please remember that the award ceremony for the contest will be held at the Analytical Center during the Information Analytics Tools in Pubic Administration conference on January, 26-27, 2017.