The Analytical Center has hosted the first working meeting for the development of a digital economy in Russia

19 december 2016

The Analytical Center and the Institute of the Information Society have organized the first working meeting titled “Positions of Russian Experts Regarding Conceptual Foundations of Digital Economy”. The event was held as part of the implementation of the initiative of the World Bank and its partner organizations titled “Digital Economy: Prospects for Russia”, which main goal is to help the interested parties in Russia to create and develop the foundations for a strong digital economy in the future.

“In order to implement this initiative a work group for the development of a digital economy in Russia will be set up. It will comprise World Bank employees, international experts and representatives of the Russian partner organizations,” said the senior coordinator of the World  Bank programs Oleg Petrov. The goal of the work group will be to hold a series of video conferences, seminars and discussions aimed at developing recommendations for the Russian specialists.

The World Bank representative Mikhail Bunchuk believes the modern technologies are changing the way the traditional economies operate, turning them into digital economies. Electronic trade, online payment, the Internet of things, social media and other new technologies are affecting business, people and governments, the expert noted. “There has been a lot of debates nowadays about what digital economy means. We believe that this is a new paradigm of economic development, which increasingly depends on real time transactions based on data exchange via digital technologies, institutions, regulations and skills," the specialist summed up.

“In our view, digital economy is a system of paperless interaction and the ability to constantly change various information in databases. The main problem that stems from it has to do with the legalization of databases so that database records can be used as evidence in court,” noted Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Vassily Pushkin. In addition, clear definitions need to be given to the vision and characteristics of digital economy as well as to the key technologies and the current state of development, the expert believes.

“The World Bank and its Russian representative office have for several years been making a concerted effort to use ICT in all the areas of its operations,” said Yuri Khokhlov, the Chairmanof the Institute of the Information Society Board . “Several years ago the experts published an analytical report on the development of broadband Internet access in Russia and this year the Analytical Center has presented the second report titled ‘Digital Government: Prospects for Russia’. "We are re currently working on the third report titled “Digital Economy: Prospects for Russia," which we plan to prepare by June 2017, the expert explained.

As part of this initiative the Analytical Center and the Institute of the Information Society are organizing a series of working meetings of Russian experts from the partner organizations. The initiative will be officially launched at the international video conference at the Moscow office of the World Bank on 20th Dec, 2016.