Experts Discussed the Contents and Structure of the Annual FAS reports on the State of Competition

8 december 2016

"Pursuant to the instruction of the Russian Government subsequent to the results of the meeting hold on 29th September, 2016, we must discuss the contents and structure of the annual reports of the Federal Antimonopoly Service on the state of competition in Russia and come up with proposals on how to improve them," said Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Tatiana Radchenko at a round table held at the Analytical Center.

"This year the Antimonopoly Service presented a report on 2015. The new report was different from the previous one both in structure and contents," said Head of Legal Directorate of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia Artem Molchanov. "Next year we have to prepare the annual report using an updated format that will have 3 additional important sections: on the implementation of the measures recommended in the previous reports and assessment of their effectiveness, on the assessment of changes in the competition in the commodity markets and on the assessment of measures aimed at promoting competition. While the 2015 report talked about certain problems and measures for solving them, the 2016 report must contain an assessment of the implementation of those measures, the government official explained.

According to Mr Molchanov, the new report will comprise 3 blocks. The first will be a general block with an overall assessment of the state of competition in Russia. The second block will look at the state of competition in specific markets. The last block will be devoted to antimonopoly regulation.

During the course of the discussion the specialists offered proposals on how to update the rules for preparing the annual reports. Deputy Head of Directorate for Competition Policy of the Analytical Center Elena Kovaleva believes the FAS report lacks an assessment of the effectiveness of the FAS’s efforts in terms of public wealth and the main goals of the report have not been clearly defined yet. At the same time, not only the structure of the report matters but its contents as well, so steps need to be taken to give the appropriate quality content to the reports, the experts  believe.

Participants in the round table included representatives of executive authorities, the expert and business communities. Discussions about the structure and content of the annual FAS reports are going to continue.