Regions Need to Share Experiences in Project Management

30 november 2016

“Regions lack dialog. Some regions know how to manage projects and are eager to share their experiences, while others, on the contrary, are at the very beginning of the path. The current meeting will allow strengthening the quality of practices sharing experiences due to horizontal networking,” said Ilya Vinokurov, Head of the Department for Project Management in the Public-Sector of the Analytical Center, when moderating the round table organized by the Analytical Center within the framework of the Conference "Best Practices of Project Management – 2016."

Interaction among regional authorities as part of priority projects launch was the key topic discussed at the round table on sharing best practices for project management implementation. Examples of large projects include a federal roadmap under which every region, by a certain deadline, has to implement a number of projects, undertake performance testing, implement system protection activities, etc. The criteria for selecting participants include the project schedule conformity to the federal roadmap.

“Federally funded current programs should be launched upfront as a priority project. This will allow us to get synchronized with federal authorities and to establish communication,” Ulia Polishchuk, Head of Project Administration Unit of GBU KO KalugaInformtech, believes. “If we keep waiting for a federal-level decision and, figuratively speaking, have 2 days left to prepare certificates, our situation will hardly improve. The objective of project manager and intra-departmental project team is to translate the functional customer’s needs into the supplier’s language so that both could understand each other.”

The round table entailed active discussion of the issues of interaction between federal and regional project offices with participation of Maxim Kiryukhin, a representative of the Project Activity Department of the Government of the Russian Federation. Regions are waiting for the approved request submission format and program implementation plan in the constituent entities.

The Federal Project Office at all authority levels in the Russian Federation will have to face attitudinal change in civil servants, when they will start differentiating between a project and a program or process, experts believe.

“The project office allowed us to improve the quality of project document preparation, the timely submission of reports, increase the number of project-initiating executive authorities in the Yaroslavl Region,” notes Vladimir Alevrov, Deputy Head of Public Administration and HR Policy Division of Yaroslavl Region Government .

Participants also raised the question whether it is necessary to create a platform for regions to share updated information and experiences. They proposed that an association of regions on project management implementation be established as a possible option for arranging such platform.

The conference summarized the Best Project of the Year Competition, which is annually organized by SOVNET National Project Management Association (the representative of IPMA in Russia) with support from the Yaroslavl Region Government and the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation. The goal of this competition is to identify companies and teams which successfully use project management in Russia and to share best practices for project management. 26 projects representing business entities and government authorities met in the competition finals. The assessment of projects was based on nine criteria divided into two groups – excellence in project management, where each contestant demonstrated its project management system, and project outcome – the extent to which expectations conform to final result.

Competition winners:

in the “Small Project” category -  Health Care and Demographic Policy Development Unit, Belgorod Region, the project entitled 'There Are No Nobody's Children' (translation);

in the “Large Project” category -  Sberbank, the project entitled 'Fraud Monitoring for Remote Banking Channels for Individual Customers' (translation);

in the “Mega Project” category -  NIAEP JSC, the project entitled 'Construction of Power Unit No. 3 of the Rostovskaya NPP' (translation.)