Russia’s Got Its Population Supplied with Quality Groceries

22 november 2016

Only a short time ago when the word ‘agrarian’ was used with regard to a country’s economy it was understood to mean the country was backward, underdeveloped and lagging behind the industrially developed regions of the world. However, in the future, it’s the agricultural sector that’s going to be one of the key drivers of the global economy. Growth in agriculture is a good example of how the active state participation can impact on the economic processes, according to Russia-24 correspondents.

“After Russia banned imports of groceries from the EU, a lot of attention has been paid here to import substitution and first and foremost in the agricultural sector. The key reason for why this was done was to make sure we were independent from foreign suppliers when it came to key groceries,” said the Analytical Center expert Denis Ershov in an interview for the Geo-economy TV broadcast on Russia-24.

As far as for supplying people with quality groceries is concerned, Russia has already achieved that goal, Mr Ershov stressed. “The next step is to boost production since this sphere should be constantly developed,” the expert believes.