The Analytical Center will continue cooperating with one of Russia’s most advanced regions

18 november 2016

Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Mikhail Pryadilnikov and the governor of Ulyanovsk oblast Sergey Morozov have signed an action plan for the implementation in 2017 of the Cooperation Agreement between Ulyanovsk region and the Analytical Center of the Government of the Russian Federation. The plan outlines 10 points on which the Analytical Center and Ulyanovsk region are to cooperate in such fields as socio-economic development, improving the state governance system and in information exchange.

The document aims to promote the development of competition in the region, support monotowns and priority high tech projects and promote information exchange. "We are going to continue cooperation with one of Russia’s most advance regions to improve their investment climate, paying special attention to supporting monotowns and creating a system of strategic planning, introducing a systems based approach in state governance organizations and improving the monitoring and supervisory function while promoting competition," Mr. Pryadilnikov said. "Special attention is to be paid to expert support of the territorial development tools in Ulyanovsk region, including a special economic zone and an innovations cluster."

At a meeting of the coordination council for the introduction of the competition standard, federal experts praised the competition promotion measures Ulyanovsk region had been putting in place. It was one of the first Russian provinces to start introducing the competition standard in pilot mode back in 2014. "Promoting competition is a most relevant topic today and even President Vladimir Putin talked about the need to create an environment conducive to competition at the federal level. In our region we’ve been developing for the past 12 years, expanding our budget revenue, getting more investments and promoting business activity. In the past five years alone, the gross regional product of Ulyanovsk region has gone up by 12%," Sergey Morozov noted, stressing the special role that promoting competition plays in economic growth.

"Ulyanovsk oblast has always been a leading region in terms of investment climate, support for small businesses and promotion of competition. At the Analytical Center we’ve been assessing all Russian regions since 2015 and Ulyanovsk region has developed some interesting practices that other regions might find very useful indeed. Specifically, we’re talking about cooperation with municipal governments and the business community," Mr. Pryadilnikov pointed out. 

The Cooperation Agreement between the Analytical Center of the Government of the Russian Federation and Ulyanovsk region was signed in February 2015.