Open Data - Added Value in Work of Governmental Authorities

17 november 2016

The Analytical Center held the second workshop for representatives of data owners and customers “Open Data Portal as an Information Source for Preparing Analytical Materials” during which experts discussed how to build communication of a governmental authority and the IT community and considered API of the Open Data Portal and open data handling tools.

“Today we will discuss not only issues of using the Open Data Portal as a data source, but will also touch matters of holding Hachathons, information communication with developers, public organizations and business with respect to data sharing and feedback,” said Vassily Pushkin, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center. According to him, currently governmental authorities in fact use traditional information sources, such as statistic observations, reporting, own researches and inquiries to organizations. “However, the usage of alternative data sources is still at a low level. Open data of social networks, streaming information sources, data of cell operators and carriers, which could potentially bring added value to work of governmental authorities, are hardly used,” considers Mr. Pushkin.

As to the Open Data Portal itself, today around 11 thousand sets have already been posted there, noted the expert. “The data sets are not always of high quality, but they are properly structured and have a common access and description standard,” said Mr. Pushkin. In addition to the Portal, there are many other known data sources and it is important for us to have as much as possible data included in the general register,” explained the expert.

“Open data is a tool that makes us think what the time we live in. As to the information culture, our time corresponds to the 90s of the XX century, especially the way we work with information resources,” thinks Pavel Konotopov, Expert of the Open Government. According to the expert, the current level of information technologies is to be focused on customers using the electronic document flow instead of the traditional one. It is important to improve the quality of open data and blocks of methodological and regulatory work, believes the expert.

Besides, in the course of the discussion, the experts discussed in detail open data download, unload and formats and their handling tools.

The workshops are held by the Analytical Center at the commission of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development to put in place the Open Data of the Russian Federation Roadmap as approved the Government Commission for the Coordination of the Open Government in its Minutes of Meeting No. 5 of June 28, 2016.