Best Information Analysis Tools 2016 Finalists Determined

16 november 2016

The Analytical Center hosted a joint meeting of the Organizing Committee of theBest Information Analytics Tools 2016 awards and the expert team that determined the nominees for the awards. The meeting’s participants summarized the intermediate results of the contest, discussed the preliminary results and named the finalists.

The following tools (with developers in parentheses) were shortlisted for the Best Raw Data Processing Solution nomination: 3i Analytics (DSS Lab LLC), ABBYY FlexiCapture (Abbyy Production LLC), Brand Analytics (PalitrumLab LLC), IQPLATFORM (IQmen IBS JSC) and PROMT Analyzer SDK (PROMT LLC.)

The finalists in the Best Analytical Solution for Spatial Data Processing category include CS UrbanView (CSoft-Terra CJSC), Web Geoanalitika Agro web service (SOVZOND Company Ltd.), Unified Mapping System of the Yamal Nenets Autonomous Area (state public institution Resursy Yamala), Information analysis system Gorizont (NEOLANT JSC) and Information and analytical system Gradoustroistvo (Institute of territorial planning Grad LLC.)

Finalists for the Best Analytical Solution for Data Visualization and Management Decision-Making include: ARM rukovoditelya - IDVP (CEO’s automated work place - IDVP) (IDVP Consortium ), IQPLATFORM (IQmen IBS JSC), Analytical Cloud-Based Accounting Portal (Handysoft LLC), Kaskad.Analitika (Kaskad-PRO LLC) and Cloud Service Bitrix24 (1C-Bitrix LLC.)

FORapp (MIS LLC), SimpleForms (Kompaniya Great LLC), and Statex (ASBC LLC) were shortlisted for the Best Analytical Solution for Running and Assessing Sociological Surveys nomination.

The finalists for the Best Analytical Solution for Control and Supervision category include River Inspect (River Solutions LLC), Thomson Reuters Auto Audit (Thomson Reuters), IAS KPKND (ASTEROS JSC), MSER (Kubsoft LLC) and Risk Management System (SAS Institute LLC.)

Two instruments made it to the finals for the Best Analytical Solution for Urban and Suburban Passenger Transport Management: ASD (MKU (municipal public institution) Tyumengortrans) and NPT-Analitika (ITMO University.)

The jury will name the final winners on 22nd November , 29th November and 7th December(two nominations a day).