Every region has its own path to energy efficiency

10 november 2016

"Secrets to success in energy efficiency in every region are very unique and specific to that region, there are no universal recipes for a breakthrough," said the Analytical Center expert Evgeni Gasho, speaking at the plenary session of the 16th inter-regional forum ‘Efficient Energy and Preservation of Resources’ that was held in Kirov. "Every region is following its own path but there are certain ingredients that must be in place if success is to be achieved. These are resources, good location, a well-developed infrastructure, skilled labor, effective management, will and cohesion of the elites..."

Mr. Gasho believes that the choice of the right vector and further implementation of the best development tools matters the most. A lot can be done even in times of crisis as it opens up some other opportunities, the expert noted. It is amid the crisis that the regional development strategy can be adjusted, more attention can be paid to new reserves, energy supply and energy security at the regional level can be tied to each other, various energy planning documents such as heat and water supply schemes, integrated development programs, etc. can be coordinated.

The exhibition that was held as part of the Forum featured energy-saving projects presented by companies from Kirov Oblast, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm, Kazan, and Izhevsk.