Education system needs a new image of the future

1 november 2016

“I believe a dialogue of cultures within the education system is topical given that Russian Federation is a multinational state whose stability is very much dependent on mutual respect and understanding. This peculiarity of our country is a challenge, on the one hand, and an opportunity to develop the education system, on the other,” said Inna Karakchieva, an expert of the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation speaking during a panel discussion as part of the 60th Interregional Conference “Experimental School “Eureka-2016”. Education: Dialogue of Cultures.”

According to Ms. Karakchieva, formation of a multicultural educational space with due account of all the interests of the multinational Russian society is a top priority of the education development strategy. In this situation education reaches beyond the scope of training goals to the level of 'above-educational' targets. The importance of educational results as a sum of knowledge recedes to the background, and the advancing of conditions and educational opportunities comes forward.

“The sectoral stage of the education development strategy is winding up, transforming into the above-sectoral stage. Within this evolution, it is important to review key trends of education development and to come up with a new image of the future of Russian education system. The challenges (acceleration of transformations, transformation of educational process entities etc.) require new regulatory and institutional mechanisms.”