Expert: It is time to pay attention to the environment aspect in residential buildings

31 october 2016

“The largest metropolis in the northern latitudes, Moscow, is making steady progress with improving energy efficiency and environmental friendliness: energy consumption has fallen by 15% in the past 5 years, water consumption has practically been halved, total and per capital emissions have significantly declined as well,” Analytical Center expert Evgeny Gasho said speaking in the Environmental Safety of Accommodation section held as part of the annual forum Moscow as an Energy Efficient City that has been held in Russia’s capital for the 33rd time.

“However, apart from achievements in improving the environmental situation in Moscow, we should also take a close look at the environmental aspect of our residential buildings, office blocks and industrial structures,” Mr. Gasho said. “It is a fairly complicated technical task whose relevance we do not yet quite appreciate. When working in this area it is important to agree on a technical policy, use a reasonable amount of propaganda and introduce a well-balanced set of laws and regulations.”

The topic is becoming more and more important and this year the forum brought together more than 1,000 participants from 13 countries and 137 cities from across Russia, which speaks volumes about the growing interest in the new urban planning policy. The Analytical Center has been carrying out research in this area too.