Regions need methodological support if they are to build a strategic planning system

27 october 2016

“Regions are in no hurry to develop strategic planning systems. The Analytical Center estimates that only 64% of Russian regions have a full range of strategic planning functions in their government, i.e. they have a special strategic planning department that not only drafts strategies but also makes economic projections, keeps track of how strategic goals are converted into specific state programs and priority projects,” said deputy head of the Analytical Center Mikhail Pryadilnikov, speaking at the round table titled Strategies for Russian Regions: Best Practices and Methodological Recommendations that was held as part of the XV All-Russian Forum ‘Strategic Planning in the Regions and Cities of Russia.’

Most regions are not ready to implement the provisions of the Federal Law on Strategic Planning in Russia, the expert believes. One of the reasons for that is that the federal government provided no clear guidelines or, most importantly, methodological recommendations to regional governments. Those industry strategy documents that have already been adopted do not address regional issues while some indicators included in the state programs and various ratings often do not match. 

At the round table titled ‘Development of Strategic Documents: Restructuring the Interaction between Ministries’ Mr. Pryadilnikov talked about the existing problems with the preparation of regulatory documents, calling the participants’ attention to the need to simplify the procedures for getting interdepartmental approvals.

Mikhail Pryadilnikov also acted as the moderator at the round table on the Assessment of the Quality of Strategic Planning in Russian Regions, during which the deputy head of the Department for Regional Policy and the Development of the Far East of the Analytical Center Anton Steshenko presented an analysis of the degree to which strategic planning had been implemented in the regions, based on a poll conducted by the Analytical Center in 76 regions.

According to the expert, the regions need methodological support to develop strategic documents: interaction must be ensured at the federal, regional and municipal levels and a standardized system of target socio-economic development indicators should be created along with performance indicators for the training of employees and the holding of events to share experience and best practices in the field.

“The findings of the poll demonstrate that the regions are currently actively designing strategic planning systems and the quality of these systems is going to determine the effectiveness of the entire state governance system,” Anton Steshenko noted. “Coordination of efforts is needed between federal and regional authorities, business and communities in the preparation of documents that will serve as the basis for the development of the whole country in the foreseeable future.”

Photo: Forum website