Priority projects will be included in state programs

26 october 2016

“Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation, dated October 15, 2016, approves the regulation on the organization of project activity in the Government of the Russian Federation, which legalized the possible use of such tool as a priority project in the activity of authorities. Regions are recommended to organize similar work and ensure project monitoring”, Tatyana Gorovaya, the head of the Department of State Programmes and Budgeting of the Analytical Center, reported to the round table “State Programmes, Priority Projects: Searching for Consistency” held as part of XV All-Russia Forum “Strategic Planning in the Regions and Cities of Russia”.

The expert talked about the role of projects in the development and implementation of state programmes. She said that federal and regional authorities, local authorities and other organizations can send the project proposals to the federal project office. Federal, regional and local budgets, as well as extrabudgetary funds can be used as sources of funding.

The final decision on the approval of passports of priority projects is taken by the Presidential Council for Strategic Development and Priority Projects. Therefore each such project will be controlled by the President and the Government. The Government appoints the persons who will provide the prompt assistance in the implementation of the priority project in order to reduce bureaucratic barriers. If the project passport is approved at all levels, it can be included either in one or two state programmes.

“A number of regions currently apply project management methods to their activity,” said Tatyana Gorovaya. “They give advantages both for the population (increase in the number of benefits, improvement of the quality of services, public participation in project initiation, public control), business (elimination of administrative barriers, improvement of the investment climate for authorities) and authorities (enhancement of transparency and improvement of performance discipline, improved performance, focus of state authorities on the result).”

Thus, the coverage of all regions with the project activity may increase the effectiveness of authorities' control at all levels, the expert summarized.

The forum held also included Brainstorming “State Administration 2.0: Following Priorities.” Speaking at the event, Tatyana Gorovaya suggested the mechanisms that enable the increased effectiveness of execution of strategic planning documents. She believes it is necessary to prevent the duplication of information: “Each document shall be an independent effective tool of strategic planning, otherwise, the documents may get stuck at the stage of development and updating, which is currently typical for the majority of documents. It is advisable to reflect the main target parameters in the strategies. Moreover, the strategy implementation plans shall include the main directions and the stages of implementation, which may be introduced into state programmes as sub-programmes and projects followed by their detailed elaboration. It is state programmes that represent the main mechanism of implementation of strategies, and the plans of implementation of state programmes are recommended to be assigned to the budget.”

According to the expert, it is necessary to determine the priority expenses that will not be reduced over the long period in case the decision on budget sequestration is taken. The work shall be focused on the result in accordance with the plan of implementation of the strategy, state programmes and projects, rather than on the execution of orders of the line management, since the planned work can lead to the actual stated results.

Photo: Forum’s website