Murmansk Oblast leading by number of respondents in the survey for commuter trains' passengers

17 october 2016

The Analytical Center keeps gathering feedback from suburban commuters. So far, most responses are coming from the Northwest Federal Okrug.

Murmansk Oblast has taken a strong lead by the number of residents who have taken part in the survey. The Republic of Komi comes second, followed far behind by Arkhangelsk and Moscow Oblasts currently sharing the third place.

“The survey was launched just 10 days ago, but we can already roughly say how active different regions are,” says Svetlana Ganeyeva, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center. “Apart from these regions, we have had quite a lot of responses from Primorye and Khabarovsk Krais, Voronezh, Tver, Leningrad, and Yaroslavl Oblasts. Commuters from Moscow and Saint Petersburg are also quite active.”

The Analytical Centre has received the fewest answers from the Volga and North Caucuses Federal Okrugs. The survey however will continue for at least two more weeks, and residents of these and other districts still have a chance to have their say. The results of the survey will help the experts to get a fair picture of suburban traffic across the regions and make their improvement proposals to the Government.

Please, be reminded that you can take part in the survey at http://опрос-пассажиров.рф/.