New arrangements in the energy market must not pit traditional and alternative energy against each other

3 october 2016

“The problem of efficiently supplying growing urban populations with energy is becoming more and more acute,” noted Analytical Center expert Evgeny Gasho, speaking at the 4th annual international forum on the heat and energy supply of metropolitan areas in China’s Qingdao. In the second half of last century the USSR was actively developing a system of central heating, believing it to be a radical mechanism for reducing fuel consumption in energy supply and towards the end of the century Northern European countries adopted this practice as well, Mr. Gasho noted. Today, new serious factors have emerged: there is significant growth in renewable energy, a shortage of fresh water, hot countries have demand for cold, peak consumption is growing, there is ever increasing demand for environmental protection in urban areas.

“We can identify key priorities and propose mechanism for a new energy market in the near future, a market that does not pit traditional and alternative energy sources against each other, but instead promotes an optimal symbiosis of the two in various climatic and geographical conditions.” Mr. Gasho said, noting that the main ideas had already been looked into by Analytical Center experts.

Every year the forum brings together experts from Asia and Europe to discuss key problems of increasing the reliability and efficiency of energy supply in major cities around the globe.