The "Proyektniy Olimp" contest will help identify best practices for developing tourism in Russia’s regions

16 september 2016

The Analytical Center has held a Round Table on the ratings of domestic tourism in Russia, whose participants included representatives of regional executive authorities, rating agencies and the expert community.

At the Round Table, the experts discussed ways to improve the rating system for domestic tourism, including its targeting and methodology. The experts also considered the criteria for taking into account the performance of regional executive authorities with regards to promoting tourism when ratings are compiled.

The experts believe that one of the main problem of the domestic tourism industry is the lack of specialized ratings that look at tourism from the point of view of management efficiency in the sector. In addition, the ratings do not include any references to the libraries of the best projects in tourism and there is no system for sharing experience and best practices in how to prepare for and implement investment projects.

Nurali Rezvanov, Adviser to the Head of the Analytical Center, believes that sharing best practices in the implementation of investment projects and creating a library of such best practices is an important step in the development of the industry that many regions currently are in bad need of. “For that reason we need to create a rating for domestic tourism in Russia as soon as possible,” the expert said.

Yuri Barzykin, the vice president of the Russian Union of Tourism Industry believes that a rating tells you how well the existing potential is being realized. “Of course, we need new rating methodologies now. At the same time, we need an integrated rating, because it is only when we learn to use all development tools that we will be able to drastically improve our performance,” noted the expert.

The Analytical Center expert Margarita Kulina believes that the "Proyektniy Olimp" contest can help regions make the tourism industry a strategy priority in their work. The "Proyektniy Olimp" Contets is for project management professionals, and for several years now it has been popularizing the project management practices found in Russia in the public sector. “But so far we have not had any tourism projects in our contest and tourism-oriented regions have not been taking part in it at all,” the expert said.

It is important for tourism projects to be represented in the contest and then we will be able to identify the best practices and mechanisms for developing tourism in Russian regions, the experts noted during the discussion.