It is important to use the experience accumulated in various industries to develop a technology policy

13 september 2016

Analytical Center Expert Evgeny Gasho moderated the All-Russian Conference “65th Anniversary of the Special Construction Company of Russia: Promising Areas of Special Construction Development. A Look into the Future” that was held in the framework of the International Military-Technical Forum “Army-2016”.

“Modern life demands that we respond to challenges quickly and identify key innovative development priorities,” Mr. Gasho said, opening the Conference. “The massive experience of the Special Construction Company of Russia should be integrated with the achievements of their colleagues in the implementation of the technology policy. It is especially important for other industries in terms of the reliability and uniqueness of practically every property.”

The expert noted that there was also another side to the issue: the experience of other industries also had to be used in the development of the technology policy so ever more complex challenges can be tackled as they arise in the current situation. These challenges first and foremost have to do with the development of infrastructure in remote areas of the Far East and the Arctic.

The Conference also looked at ways to develop an innovative technology policy and ways to organize cooperation between the Special Construction Company of Russia and industrial companies, banks and education organizations.

The event also included an award ceremony for specialists with outstanding achievements. Evgeny Gasho was given a memorable 65th Anniversary of the Special Construction Company of Russia medal.