Expert: Politics should be taken out of energy relations

12 september 2016

Leonid Grigoriev, Chief Adviser to the Head of the Analytical Center, spoke at a strategic forum in Bled, Slovenia. The expert believes that the stabilization of oil prices at around USD 50 will result in the strengthening of the positions of natural gas supplied via pipelines vis-a-vis liquefied natural gas delivered from remote areas.

“Europe needs to think about not just the current crisis having to do with the influx of migrants but about the projected increase of the population in Africa by about 1 billion people by 2040, which is going to become the most important driver of demand for energy. At the moment, the deposits available in the region are not enough to offer decent living standards for the people and this situation can drive even more people to migrate to the developed countries and to Europe in particular.”

Politics must be set aside when energy issues are being considered, such as the construction of Nord Stream 2, which may soon become a necessary replacement for the dwindling European natural gas supplies, the expert summed up.