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  • 28 february 2017
    Formative model of educational system is more progressive
    The Analytical Center has held a roundtable on the issue "The Strategy of Development of Vocational Education in Russia in the Context of the Priority Problems of the State Policy for Human Resourcing".
  • 28 february 2017
    Overcoming first step challenges in project management is still of relevance
    “The implementation of project management is always a comprehensive challenge, which primarily has to do with changes to the existing management processes. Like any change, it faces significant resistance from the environment, particularly from the public sector,” said Pavel Shestopalov, Advisor to the Head of the Analytical Center, who moderated the “Project Management. Effective Launch” round table. The event was organized by the Administration of the Krasnodar Krai with support from the Analytical Center within the framework of the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi.
  • 28 february 2017
    Future of Caspian transportation and logistical complex has been discussed in Sochi
    "The development of transport infrastructure in the Caspian basin meets the national interests of Russia and ensures the implementation of a number of state strategic goals," stated Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Svetlana Ganeeva, speaking at a business breakfast, participants of which have discussed the potential of trade-economic and investment cooperation in the Caspian transportation and logistical complex. The event was held on February 28, within the framework of the Russian investment forum in Sochi.
  • 27 february 2017
    State hinders development of digital economy
    “The state sector proves to be a major inhibiting force for the development of digital economy,” this statement was made by Deputy Head of the Analytical Centre Vasily Pushkin speaking at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi.
  • 27 february 2017
    Crimea's energy sector needs comprehensive systems-based approach
    "Crimea can and should become a testing ground for refining technological and investment solutions for mass introduction of cutting edge technologies that will make up the new electrical grid," said Evgeny Gasho, an expert of the Analytical Center, at the conference titled "Investment Climate in Crimea". According to Mr. Gasho, the energy sector in Crimea needs a comprehensive and systems-based approach more than anywhere else, as the peninsula has a number of unique geographical and regional features that set it apart in how energy sources are connected to consumers.
  • 27 february 2017
    Transformation of education still resembles movement in darkness
    "The educational system, while in conditions of incremental changes, gets under the pressure of public opinion" stated Inna Karakchieva, an expert at the Analytical Centre, presenting her report at the conference "Education is the Key to Dialogue: Technologies, Innovations, Accessibility". "With the strengthening of the positions of external stakeholders (business-structures, noncommercial organizations, online communities, etc.) within the educational system of Russia, the budgetary organizations are inferior to them both in speed of response to external challenges and the effectiveness of management decisions," believes Ms. Karakchieva.
  • 22 february 2017
    Transport Fares to be Made Exclusively Electronic
    A discussion held at the Analytical Center covered the issues related to the development of electronic payment systems regarding the fare payment on regular passenger transport. The experts reviewed their development from the point of view of the authorities, developers, integrators, the research community and passengers themselves.
  • 21 february 2017
    Approaches to open data publication should be standard
    The Analytical Centre invites representatives of regions to discuss proposals on standardization of approaches to publication of the most popular regional open data sets.
  • 21 february 2017
    New fuel and energy regulations in Russia and world in last quarter of 2016
    The big tax maneuver, the privatization of PJSC ANK “Bashneft”, the Germany's long-term climate strategy, the China's plans to develop renewable energy sources and other topics have been included in the review of the fuel and energy regulations in Russia and the world according to the results of the 4th quarter of 2016.
  • 20 february 2017
    Federal State Educational Standards require fine-tuning
    “The mechanism of upgrading educational standards must have transfer as its basis: from the main educational program to a tailored one, from total quality control to expert assessment,”- says Inna Karakchieva, an expert with the Analytical Centre, making her presentation titled “From Comprehensive Reform to Elective Education Development Models” at the XIV International Conference and Workshop “Current Trends in Education”. Finding a solution here will require consolidation of personnel, infrastructure, and financial resources of various educational institutions and due consideration of each territory’s socio-economic conditions and specific aspects of their development.