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  • 13 january 2017
    Urals Deliverable Futures to Be New Benchmark?
    In order to create an independent national price indicator for export oil, Russia started trading Urals deliverable futures on November 29, 2016. As the positions of key oil benchmarks have weakened, the Russian futures holds a lot of promise but more serious work is needed to evolve it into a true Russian oil benchmark, the Analytical Center experts note in their new energy bulletin "Is a Urals deliverable futures a new benchmark?"
  • 12 january 2017
    Opinion of Scientific Community to Be Taken into Account when Digital Economy Program Is Developed
    In his address to the Federal Assembly in December, 2016 the Russian president noted the vast potential for the development of the domestic IT industry and pointed out that the country needed to develop a digital economy focused on improving efficiencies in all sectors through better utilization of information technologies.
  • 12 january 2017
    Experts Have Analyzed Problems of Private Sector in Preschool Education in Regions
    The development of private social services aims to improve the quality and accessibility of social services available to the general public. However, the success of privatizing the provision of social services at the regional level depends to a large extent on the level of the socio-economic development in each specific Russian region and the general prosperity of its population. In the new bulletin on the development of competition the Analytical Center experts consider these issues taking preschool education services as an example.
  • 11 january 2017
    Russia's Exports Revenue Is Beginning to Grow Along with Global Oil Prices
    The growth in global trade has slowed down significantly in recent years, with one of the reasons being the falling trade of a number of leading exporters, such as China. Against this backdrop, Russia dealt a serious blow due to the global oil prices significant decrease. As far as energy traditionally makes up the bulk of Russia's exports, the export revenue shrank precariously despite the sustainable growth of its physical volume. At the same time, Russian industrial exports saw few gains despite the drastic depreciation of the ruble, taking into consideration that Russian industrial goods can hardly compete in the global markets. Those are the observations Analytical Center experts make in their bulletin on the current trends in the Russian economy titled “Foreign Trade: a Road to Recovery.”
  • 10 january 2017
    Oil Deliveries Will Depend on Trends in Global Demand
    The general interest among oil exporters in increasing their revenue drove the OPEC and a number of oil exporters that are not members of the OPEC to agree oil production quotas in late 2016, but all parties to the agreement will have to adhere religiously to the obligations they assumed under it even as competition in the market intensifies, the Analytical Center experts note in a new bulletin on the current trends in the global economy titled 'Taking the Pulse: the OPEC and Russia to reduce oil production. In focus: Purchasing Power Parity.'
  • 9 january 2017
    Russia Is to Choose Between Education System Models
    The school education reform process in Russia is being transformed under the influence of several factors. Experts from the Analytical Center write in its regular bulletin on education entitled “School Education System Reform (Domestic and International Experience)” that the number of the key lines of development announced in 2008 has remained the same over the past 8 years, whereas their topics have changed significantly. The current issue of the bulletin focuses on assessment of the school education system reform in Russia and abroad.
  • 26 december 2016
    Lake Baikal Problems Need Comprehensive Solution
    “The Analytical Center and the Ministry for Natural Resources of Russia are implementing the instruction of the Russian government to launch a priority project for the development of Lake Baikal, which must be ready by April 2017,” said Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Mikhail Pryadilnikov at a strategic session for the preparation of proposals on the development of the priority program “Baikal: Great Lake for a Great Country.”
  • 22 december 2016
    The Analytical Center Is Setting up New Project Management Office to Implement the Reform of Monitoring and Supervision
    Head of the Analytical Center Konstantin Noskov has taken part in a meeting of the General Committee of the Presidential Council for Strategic Development and Priority Projects. Among other things, the meeting reviewed and approved the passport of the program to reform the monitoring and supervision function, which 3 goals include reducing the losses and risks for the population, achieving a significant reduction in the administrative burden on business, and improving the quality of state monitoring.
  • 22 december 2016
    Obstacles to Regional Development Stem from Previous Policy
    The Analytical Center held discussions about conditions and factors of economic growth in the Russian regions, priority measures to promote economic growth on a shoestring budget as well as ways to improve the mechanisms of state support.
  • 21 december 2016
    Experts Discussed Financial Support for Non-resource Exports
    Prospects of financial support of non-resource exports and development of partnership between the Russian Export Centre and various Russian and foreign financial institutions were the focus of the experts’ agenda during the breakfast meeting jointly held by the Analytical Centre and JSC EximBank of Russia yesterday.