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  • 16 september 2019
    The Sustainable Development Goals are Becoming Guidelines for Business
    Analytical Center expert Ksenia Bannikova talked at the 6th Annual KSO Forum RBC 2019: Course on Sustainable Development about why it's important to take into account the role of business in promoting sustainable development and how this role is going to reflect on the voluntary national survey of the achievement of sustainable development goals in Russia.
  • 13 september 2019
    Until the end of the year seven measures to support digital transformation projects will be launched
    Tatiana Radchenko, Deputy Head of Analytical Center, was a moderator on a plenary session of Russian cross-industry summit "Industry 4.0. Digital Plant". "The government considers digitalization issues crucial," she said during her welcome speech. "Within "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation" national program there is a separate federal project aimed to stimulate development and creation of demand for national technologies in industries and social sphere. Total budget for these tasks in 2019-2024 is about 450B roubles."
  • 13 september 2019
    Business Risks Because of How Law Is Administered Must be Reduced
    The Analytical Center hosted a meeting of the work group for the liquidation of systemic problems holding back business development during which experts discussed ways to reduce law administration risks and reduce sanctions for entrepreneurs.
  • 12 september 2019
    The fleet and sales of gas vehicles are growing
    "All global car manufacturers try to make their cars more environmentally friendly. The transition to electric vehicles is one of the possible solutions, and is currently very popular", - said Grigory Miryukov, expert of the Analytical Center, in his speech during business program of the 15th International Exhibition Comtrans 2019.
  • 11 september 2019
    Experts Are Looking for New Opportunities of Growth for the Industry of Kuban
    The Analytical Center held a strategic session "New Industry of the Kuban" in Krasnodar. Experts discussed new opportunities of industry development in the region.
  • 10 september 2019
    Experts Assess Changes in Emissions in Russia
    In the run-up to the ratification of the Paris climate change agreement the Analytical Center experts have analyzed changes in the emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere in Russia and around the world. The findings of the study were published in the new bulletin on the current trends in the Russian economy.
  • 9 september 2019
    The deadline for acceptance of applications for the Control Point contest has been extended until September 20
    The Analytical Center extended the deadline for submission of applications for participation in the second annual best practices contest for oversight and supervision "Control Point".
  • 9 september 2019
    Sharing economy: a new global trend
    With the development of technologies, new consumer behavior patterns arise, as the experts of the Analytical Center wrote in the bulletin on global economy trends. The priority is shifting from possession of goods to the obtainment of benefit from them. As a result, sharing economy, based on the sharing of underutilized assets, is undergoing active development.
  • 5 september 2019
    OPEC and OPEC+ are balancing the global oil market
    In a new energy bulletin, the Analytical Center experts examined the impact of OPEC and OPEC+ on the global oil market. "This impact is constantly debated with traditional exaggeration in two ways: the cartel nature of agreements on the establishment of output quotas for oil production and the forecast of a dramatic weakening of OPEC", the authors of the bulletin write.
  • 3 september 2019
    Industrial transformation poses a threat to traditional economy sectors
    How is the 4th industrial revolution changing the BRICS economy? What opportunities are opening up for the countries, and how to avoid the negative consequences of the transformation? These topics were discussed by the participants of the round table Development of a Joint Development Strategy for the BRICS countries during the 4th Industrial Revolution, held in the Analytical Center.