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26 march 2014 Kommersant
Alexander Kurdin

Alexander Kurdin Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

There is a matter of choice between exploiting the shelf area and reserves that are difficult to recover
Despite the widely spread opinions, the Arctic shelf will not play a significant role in the Russian hydrocarbons production in the nearest future. According to the Energy Strategy of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2035, its share in the oil production could reach no more than 5%, and gas – up to 10%.
25 march 2014 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Alla Salmina

Alla Salmina Department for Social Research Programs

Teachers in Russia have a salary no less than the regional average, but their workload is one and a half time bigger
The statistics show that the promised salary increase for teachers up to “average” was accomplished. The Analytical Center conducted a survey among school principals to find out how this increase affected in reality the welfare of the teachers.

11 march 2014
Dmitry Khomchenko

Dmitry Khomchenko Department for Sectors of Economy

Progress is being made, but not all proposals were taken into consideration
The Analytical Center hosted the expert discussion of state program “Energy efficiency and energy development”. The experts who attended this event noted the increased fairness and efficiency of the new version of the state program.
4 march 2014 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Inna Dudykina

Inna Dudykina Directorate for WTO Policies

A great number of goods, mainly from chemical and metallurgical industries, fell into disgrace with the foreign trade partners.
Joining the WTO didn’t help Russian Federation to increase export volume (in 2013 it decreased by 1,2%) and did not remove limitations regarding domestic goods.
3 march 2014 Expert
Evgeny Gasho

Evgeny Gasho Department for Expert Analytics

In order to solve the problem of energy efficiency, it is imperative to create a system of actions regarding the chain of power generation-transportation-consumption, taking into account regional needs.
Concerns in society caused by the current situation in the public utilities sector are continuously increasing. The government estimated the sector investments needs at 9 USD billion. Furthermore, no one believes that utility rates will stay within specified limits; new social rate of electricity consumption is introduced, such rates for heating consumption are coming as well.
27 february 2014 Nezavisimaya Gazeta
Anton Melnichuk

Anton Melnichuk Directorate for WTO Policies

Descending dynamic of sales of raw materials is caused by the difficulties that economies of developed counties are faced with
The issues of trade barriers, imposed to the Russian exporters on the external markets were discussed on February 26, 2014, at the Analytical Center. This problem has never lost its significance, but it has acquired a particular importance now. Experts noted that the domestic economy is coming to a stagnation.
26 february 2014 Finmarket
Alexander Kurdin

Alexander Kurdin Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

Competition in investments becomes an increasingly important factor and states have to compete with each other to attract them.
On February 25, 2014, the multi-authored monograph “World Economy in the Early XXI Century” was presented at the Analytical Center. This monograph was written by the group of employees and experts of the Analytical Center together with specialists from the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs of the National Research University – Higher School of Economics, and the Council for Foreign and Defense Policies.
The information agency “Finmarket” quoted Mr. Alexander Kurdin, Head of the Directorate for Strategic Studies in Energy at the Analytical Center, who mentioned while presenting his part of edition: “If in the past, states had the monopoly on use of force and collection of taxes, etc., now the competition in investments becomes an increasingly important factor and states have to compete with each other to attract them”.
According to the expert, on the one hand, competition is a key element of the market mechanism, and, in theory, globalization must have a positive effect to competition development. However, on the other hand, competition in global markets is not always perfect. “Trade barriers, competitive barriers are removed, but a global protection of competition doesn’t exist”, - Mr. Kurdin said.
26 february 2014 Rosbalt
Alexander Kurdin

Alexander Kurdin Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

“Shale revolution” in Russia is unlikely
“The analog of the American “Shale revolution” in Russia in the coming years is unlikely, but the role of reserves difficult to recover, primarily oil, could be significantly enhanced starting with 2020”. Such statement was given to the “Rosbalt” news agency by Mr. Alexander Kurdin, Head of Directorate for Strategic Studies in Energy at the Analytical Center.
18 february 2014 IA REGNUM
Gleb Pokatovich

Gleb Pokatovich Deputy Head

Depreciation may play the role of an instrument for aligning imbalance of trade relations among countries of the Custom Union
Simultaneous depreciation of the tenge and the rouble can have been recently seen, and the Belarusian rouble has been losing its position as well. REGNUM Information agency asked experts what this process would mean for the Custom Union and what effect the depreciation would have on economy.
17 february 2014
Leonid Grigoryev

Leonid Grigoryev Chief Adviser to Head of the Analytical Center

It’s necessary to invest money in new and challenging fields
The Chief Adviser to the Director General of the Analytical Center Leonid Grigoriev spoke about the present condition and prospects of Russian fuel and energy complex development during the RBC TV channel live broadcast.