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11 february 2014 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Vadim Finogenov

Vadim Finogenov Directorate for Transport Economics

The level of agriculture mechanization in Russia stays at the lowest level among the developed countries
During the round-table "Agricultural Engineering in Russia: Present Conditions and Development Trends", held at the Analytical Center, experts noted that sales of domestic machinery posted a RUR2.5 billion drop last year as compared with the 2012 result.
4 february 2014 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Leonid Azimov

Leonid Azimov Directorate for Transport Economics

The state should interfere in creation of the infrastructure only where the business cannot cope itself
Recently experts discussed the Concept of road services development prepared by Rosavtodor. Despite a row of acts, regulating the placement frequency and service level at UDF objects, the existing regulatory framework was considered inadequate in Rosavtodor and an attempt to combine the most successful solutions into one new document was made.
29 january 2014 Nezavisimaya Gazeta
Vadim Finogenov

Vadim Finogenov Directorate for Transport Economics

Ruble devaluation will lead to the price growth on imported cars and, consequently, improve the competitive positions of domestic auto industry.
PricewaterhouseCoopers analysts presented a research entitled "Automobile Market in Russia: 2013 Results and Development Prospects». Prospects turned out to be as unenviable as the results of the past year: a 3-year steady growth, during which the domestic car market pleased automakers and traders with two-digit figures, was followed by a recession in 2013. Sales of new cars dropped by 5.5%, and the situation is unlikely to change this year - indicators will go on declining.
23 january 2014 Mir i Politika
Alexander Kurdin

Alexander Kurdin Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

Oversupply makes fall in oil prices seem a likely scenario in QI-II of the current year
During the 5th Gaidar Forum, held in Moscow in January, the Finance Minister of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov said that the Government expects the oil prices decrease this year to the level of US$90 and even US$80 per barrel, which may lead to changes in the 2014 budget.
20 january 2014 Expert
Maria Shilina

Maria Shilina Directorate for Housing and Communal Services

The demand from management companies will grow up and will be as from commercial organizations, which they are not in fact
In December, the State Duma adopted a bill in the first reading on the creation of conditions for public association activity in the housing and communal services. People will be able to send the information about violations of consumer rights to the supervisory authorities to conduct inspections and take measures. There have been no such regulations in the Housing code so far.
17 january 2014 Nezavisimaya Gazeta
Irina Pominova

Irina Pominova Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

Russia holds the world’s largest technically recoverable shale oil resources
The British company BP has lately presented a report entitled ‘World Energy Outlook” forecasting development of global energy markets until 2035. According to the report, Russia will remain the world’s leader in terms of energy export volumes.
13 january 2014 Russian Forest News
Natalia Zhavoronkova

Natalia Zhavoronkova Directorate for Legal Groundwork for Land and Property Regulations

The current Forest code of the Russian Federation has led to utter degradation of the country’s forestry and made Russia less competitive at the global forestry market.
This is the opinion of Natalia Zhavoronkova, Head of the Directorate for legal groundwork for land and property regulations, environmental protection, management of natural resources and energy sector of the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation, cited in the “Russian Forest News” newspaper.
13 december 2013 RBC daily
Vladislav Onischenko

Vladislav Onischenko First Deputy Head

The State can encourage investment into potentially important technological solutions; the main issues involved are choosing successful projects and shaping the right demand.
If we are to extend our understanding of high technologies well beyond the Internet – to include engineering, biotechnologies, healthcare and transport etc, it appears realistic to fund high technologies by means of state enterprise investment programs.
18 november 2013 KP
Alexander Kurdin

Alexander Kurdin Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

The shelf of Eastern seas is one of the critical hydrocarbon deposits
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation says the UN Outer Continental Shelf Subcommittee recommends assigning the 52 thousand square kilometers enclave to our country, with the Russian legislation applicable on-site. The final UN resolution is to be adopted in early 2014.

31 october 2013 Izvestia
Irina Larionova

Irina Larionova Directorate for Financial Markets and Banking

Foreigners are interested in placing their funds into high profitability companies with rapid turnover and securities traded on the exchange market, because they are interested in getting speedy returns on their investments.
The ban on the opening of subsidiary foreign banks in Russia has become one of the steps aimed at limiting the financial activities of the “strangers”. The hidden reason for this step is the fear of domestic capital being marginalized in the domestic banking sector and its absorption by foreigners. Generally speaking, this could lead to the loss of financial independence.