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12 november 2014 Nezavisimaya Gazeta
Elena Razumova

Elena Razumova Department for Expert Analytics

Key measures for combating with illegal alcohol: strengthening of control and sanctions for production, importation and disposition
Illegal alcohol occupies more than a half of Russian market. For combating with it the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation announced an initiative to create a special commission which will coordinate department action, market monitoring, branch regulation performance evaluation.
10 november 2014 Grafik Dvizhenia
Yuri Ammosov

Yuri Ammosov Adviser to Head of the Analytical Center

If companies executive board has will for innovations then natural monopoly status is not obstacle
Adviser of the Head of the Analytical Center Yuri Ammosov talks about latest innovative development programs of national economy.
6 november 2014 IA REGNUM
Gleb Pokatovich

Gleb Pokatovich Deputy Head

Central Bank aim - to provide financial and price stability
Gleb Pokatovich, the Deputy Head of the Analytical Center told IA REGNUM correspondent about current aims of the Central Bank.
6 november 2014 IA REGNUM
Leonid Grigoryev

Leonid Grigoryev Chief Adviser to Head of the Analytical Center

All oil exporters will bear loss if oil is $80 p/b
There are only 3 questions concerning budgets and oil money discussed by mass media, consider experts of the Analytical Center. How many objective dynamics and political conspiracy are there in the fluctuations of oil prices? Who and how will suffer from $80 p/b? How long will budgets stand low prices? The Chief Advisor to the Head of the Analytical Center Leonid Grigoriev answered these questions to the correspondent of IA REGNUM.
5 november 2014 City FM
Dmitry Khomchenko

Dmitry Khomchenko Department for Sectors of Economy

Communal services calculation and establishment will let consumers understand change in payment during whole period of regulation
Since November 1 raising of tariff rates on housing and communal services has happened.
4 november 2014 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Alexander Kurdin

Alexander Kurdin Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

Persian Gulf Countries have law production costs and huge resources and they will go with $80-90 p/b
Oil keeps falling in price. November 4 during the US trading it cost nearly $80 p/b but then got back to $83. Keeping law costs on oil may be profitable for Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries leaders, consider experts.
29 october 2014 Izvestia
Maria Shilina

Maria Shilina Directorate for Housing and Communal Services

Thermostats will lower rates on central heating for Moscowites
At the moment thermostat setting in Moscow houses for the sake of energy saving is widely discussed.
28 october 2014 IA REGNUM
Sergey Aristov

Sergey Aristov Department for Strategic Development, Public Administration and Regional Policy

Ministry of Finance initiative may force small enterprises into dark
Regions may get an opportunity to limit revenue, staff number, capital costs of companies, which can depend on benefits for small enterprises, since 2015. The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation suggested corresponding draft law.
23 october 2014 ComNews
Aleksey Khromov

Aleksey Khromov Directorate for Information Technologies

Personal data does not interfere with visas processing
Head of the Directorate for Information Technologies of the Analytical Center Aleksey Khromov told ComNews about possible effect which adoption of amendments to the law “On Personal Data” will have on the situation with visas processing.
22 october 2014 Nezavisimaya Gazeta
Gleb Pokatovich

Gleb Pokatovich Deputy Head

Decline of real wages will not do much good
Erosion of wages happened for the first time since the crisis of 2008 -2009. For now, real wages decline accounts for 0,3%. Next year the inflation will exceed wages by 2%. Cooling-off in consumer demand may lead to economic recession as early as fourth quarter of year 2014.