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4 may 2017 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Daniil Nametkin

Daniil Nametkin Department for Expert Analytics

Subsidies to give significant boost to domestic demand in the automotive market
"Automotive sales are projected to rise by 5 percent in 2017, reaching 1.7 million vehicles, with between 15 and 20 percent of that total, or 250-350 vehicles, being sold under fleet upgrade programs and on discounted and subsidized automotive loans, meaning that subsidies are expected to give a significant boost to the domestic demand in the automotive market," Analytical Center expert Daniil Nametkin told a Rossiyskaya Gazeta correspondent.
3 may 2017 RIA Karachaevo-Cherkessiya
Nurali Rezvanov

Nurali Rezvanov Adviser to Head of the Analytical Center

The medical cluster in the Caucasian Mineral Waters area represents an innovative stage in the development of global resorts
"The construction of the core of the medical cluster in Karachay-Cherkessia is going to become a driver for the development of the regional innovations infrastructure, creating new jobs, drawing in new tourists and having a significant impact on the development of the local agricultural sector and other industries while allowing the local governments to boost its budget revenue," adviser to the head of the Analytical Center Nurali Rezvanov told a RIA Karachayevo-Cherkessiya correspondent.
2 may 2017 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Daniil Nametkin

Daniil Nametkin Department for Expert Analytics

Aggressive Reduction of the Key Interest Rate Entails Risks
The gradual reduction of the nominal interest rates and the easing of the other non-interest related loan terms are going to continue, and reliable borrowers are the ones that are going to feel it first. That was the forecast the Bank of Russia made in a comment on the reduction of the key interest rate by 0.5 percent. "At the same time the expectations of a lowering of the key interest rates brought about a rally in the market of Russian state bonds: the yield on ten-year Russian federal treasury bills has fallen by 0.4 percentage points in the past two weeks, below the historic lows seen in late 2013," Analytical Center expert Daniil Nametkin commented on the situation for the Rossiyskaya Gazeta.
28 april 2017 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Grigoriy Mikryukov

Grigoriy Mikryukov Department for Sectors of Economy

Exports of Groceries to China Set to Grow
There is sustained demand for Russian groceries and agricultural products in the Chinese market. "Exports of groceries to China are likely going to keep growing pretty fast," Analytical Center expert Grigory Mikryukov told a Rossiyskaya Gazeta correspondent.
27 april 2017 TASS
Dmitry Khomchenko

Dmitry Khomchenko Department for Sectors of Economy

Turning off hot water in the summer is a purely Russian tradition
"Stopping the turn-offs of hot water supply in the summer would be too expensive for Russia," Analytical Center expert Dmitry Khomchenko told TASS Audio.
25 april 2017 RBC
Gleb Pokatovich

Gleb Pokatovich Deputy Head

Introducing a sales tax cannot be regarded as an alternative to the tax maneuver
MPs and senators are going to propose their variant of tax reform to Russia's Security Council. They want to give the regional governments the authority to impose a sales tax as part of the move to shift the tax burden from manufacturing to consumption. The government is currently discussing a tax maneuver they are calling 22/22, which aims to increase the VAT rate from 18 % to 22 % while reducing the total social insurance premium rate from 30 % to 22 %.
24 april 2017 RBC-TV
Alexander Golyashev

Alexander Golyashev Department for Expert Analytics

Household spending in Russia is decreasing slower than income
Russian households are currently running in "safe mode" where they are trying to save more than they are spending. The situation has improved somewhat in that people are no longer saving across the board, but when it comes to durable goods, people are still trying to do without them.
21 april 2017 TV Channel "TVC"
Leonid Grigoriev

Leonid Grigoriev Chief Adviser to Head of the Analytical Center

The economy is entering slow drama-free growth
On 19th April the chair of the Russian Government Dmitry Medvedev presented an annual report to the State Duma, in which he noted that the economy had now entered a growth phase. Experts note his speech was cautiously optimistic, adding that the Government seems to have a pretty clear picture of economic growth and development. Speaking on the Current Affairs. The 25th Hour program, Leonid Grigoriev, chief adviser to the Head of the Analytical Center, confirmed what the prime minister had said, stressing, however, that the growth was probably going to be fairly slow.
20 april 2017 Russia 1
Alexander Golyashev

Alexander Golyashev Department for Expert Analytics

People should have about 2-3 times their monthly pay set aside for a rainy day
"At the moment people are saving on purchases in response to their shrinking incomes," Analytical Center expert Alexander Golyashev said on the Good Morning, Russia show on the Russia-1 TV channel.
17 april 2017
Alexander Kurdin

Alexander Kurdin Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

We should not expect any changes in oil prices unless output is reduced significantly
On May 25, OPEC will be meeting in Vienna to decide whether or not to extend the agreement to limit oil production. Are Russian oil companies going to insist on pulling out of the agreement and how is the oil price going to change by the summer?