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19 january 2017 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Daniil Nametkin

Daniil Nametkin Department for Expert Analytics

Ratio of Net Disposable Income to Loan Payments Should Be at Least 3 to 1
Experts note that at the moment the detailed principles of making decisions about whether or not to approve consumer loans are defined by each specific bank individually. Usually, the maximum possible monthly loan payment is determined on the basis of the assessed net disposable income which is estimated as follows: the income shown in personal income tax form No. 2 less the average monthly bills and expenses such as utility bills or child support payments.
18 january 2017 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Daniil Nametkin

Daniil Nametkin Department for Expert Analytics

Large Organizations Do not Strive to Participate in Auctions for Placing Public Funds
The Federal Treasury and the state off-budget funds have been restricted with regards to the selection of banks they can deposit their funds in.
17 january 2017 RBC-TV
Elena Razumova

Elena Razumova Department for Expert Analytics

Competitive Advantages to Disappear Soon if Sanctions Are Lifted
The Analytical Center expert Elena Razumova talked live on RBC-TV about the impact that the Russian counter-sanctions restricting the imports of European goods into Russia had on domestic producers. "In whole, the majority of Russian producers gained from the counter-sanctions in one way or another, first of all it was poultry and pork producers that reaped real benefits," the analyst said.
16 january 2017 OTR
Dmitry Khomchenko

Dmitry Khomchenko Department for Sectors of Economy

Mechanisms for Providing Housing Subsidies Need to be Simplified
The Analytical Center expert Dmitry Khomchenko appeared in the 'Otrazhenie' (Reflection) program on Public Russian Television where he commented on the bill submitted to the Duma by the Ministry of Justice to allow the state to foreclose a debtor's only home.
16 january 2017 TASS
Alexander Malakhov

Alexander Malakhov Department for Information Technologies

Big Data May Be in Demand in Transport, Energy, Health Care, and Education Sectors
The implementation of digital government principles, the use of big data and other technologies can yield good economic benefits, experts note. “As for prospects for the use of bid data in the public sector not just in the two capitals but countrywide as well, typically, we have neither data volume nor data reliability,” believes Alexander Malakhov, Head of the Department for Information Technologies of the Analytical Center. The reason is that paper still remains a traditional communication medium between the Russian government authorities, writes TASS, citing an expert.
11 january 2017 IA REGNUM
Alexander Amiragyan

Alexander Amiragyan Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

Weather Is Going to Affect Stability of Transit Deliveries of Russian Natural Gas to the EU
The stability of natural gas deliveries to the Ukrainian market as well as the transit of Russian natural gas to the EU in the near future is going to depend a lot on weather conditions. That was the opinion voiced by the Deputy Head of the Department for the Fuel and Energy Sector of the Analytical Center Alexander Amiragyan in an interview with a REGNUM news agency correspondent.
10 january 2017 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Alexander Kurdin

Alexander Kurdin Department for Strategic Studies in Energy

Continued Tax Maneuver in Oil Industry Is Driving Up Gasoline Prices
Despite fears, gasoline prices went up only in a few regions during the New Year holidays, while countrywide they remained at the level seen in the late December. Experts believe that in 2017 the rise in gasoline prices will remain within the inflation rate, which the Bank of Russia projects at 4%.
9 january 2017 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Daniil Nametkin

Daniil Nametkin Department for Expert Analytics

Structural Problems Persist in the Banking System
Daniil Nametkin, Deputy Head of the Department for Expert Analytics of the Analytical Center, believes that structural problems persists in the banking system. An evidence of that, according to the expert, is that the number of revoked banking licenses continues to rise: in 2016 it was higher than in either 2014 (87 banks) or in 2015 (93 banks).
27 december 2016 RZHD TV
Inna Karakchieva

Inna Karakchieva Department for Research Studies

Corporate Education Has Bright Future
"Corporate training is one of the development trends in education," said Irina Karakchieva, Chief Adviser of Department for Social Policy of the Analytical Center. "Speaking of this sphere, we mean the possible development of the whole educational system — from early childhood education, i.e. corporate kindergartens, to the training and retraining system for personnel of the industry."
22 december 2016 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Evgeny Gasho

Evgeny Gasho Department for Expert Analytics

It Is Important to Identify Problems with Existing Heat Supply System
The bill amending the Federal Law 'On heat supply system' and a number of other regulations finally passed the first reading in the State Duma on December 16. However, the market players did not rejoice at this long awaited news, on the contrary, they got upset over it: many experts point out that while the original version of the bill made at least some sense, the version that finally got approved by the State Duma not only stops the reform but actually takes a big step back.