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5 march 2018 Interfax
Evgeniy Kislyakov

Evgeniy Kislyakov Deputy Head

New Technologies should be Integrated into Transport, Logistics, Healthcare and Energy Sector
"The President in his speech outlined industry agenda of the digital economy: Russia must integrate digital technologies into transport and logistics, healthcare, public administration and energy sector. As part of the work of the Governmental Sub-Committee for Digital Economy, new industry trends are being formed that will be included in the program," said in the conversation with the Interfax correspondent Evgeny Kislyakov, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, Head of the Project Management Office for implementing the program 'Digital Economy of the Russian Federation'.
2 march 2018 RIA Novosti
Grigoriy Mikryukov

Grigoriy Mikryukov Department for Sectors of Economy

Carsharing: between Taxi and Public Transport
"Carsharing services will actively grow in the coming years, especially in large cities. But with the development of unmanned driving technology, two alternative models – taxi and carsharing –will be merged," Grigory Mikrukov, an expert of the Analytical Center told to RIA Novosti information agency correspondent.
28 february 2018 RZD Partner
Dmitry Chernenok

Dmitry Chernenok Department for State-Run Programs and Budgeting

Several Positive Factors Lead to an Increase in the Volume of International Container Transportation
In 2017, the volume of container transportation at Russian Railways was a record – it grew by almost 19%. "The volumes are increasing the second year in a row, mainly due to international transportation: export, import and transit – a total increase of about 500 thousand TEU," the expert of the Analytical Center Dmitry Chernenok told RZD Partner publishing house.
26 february 2018 RBC-TV
Anton Steshenko

Anton Steshenko Department for Strategic Development, Public Administration and Regional Policy

The budget is not the only source for financing regional development
"The reasons for why the regions incur debt are different. Such loans may intend to cover the infrastructure development, to shore up cash shortages or to pay the teachers and doctors," Analytical Center expert Anton Steshenko told RBC TV in a live interview.
26 february 2018 Nezavisimaya Gazeta
Alexander Golyashev

Alexander Golyashev Department for Research Studies

Using a variety of indicators to gauge inflation is practiced worldwide
This week, the Analytical Center issued a bulletin titled Consumer Prices Trends in 2017 resulted in the Independent Newspaper long article trying to make sense of the nuances of statistics that are used to figure out what is going on with the inflation in the country. The government reports and documents, including budget projections include December-on-December inflation indicators, which differ significantly from the average annual prices behavior, the newspaper writes.
19 february 2018 OTR
Tumun Tsydypov

Tumun Tsydypov Project Management Office for Implementing the Reform of the Oversight and Supervision Function

Reform of Control and Supervision Activities Will Make Inspections More Effective
Revision of the control rules provided by control and supervision agencies is the essence of the work carried out by the priority program "Reform of Control and Supervisory Activities". Tumun Tsydypov, Deputy Head of the Project Office for the Implementation of the Reform of Control and Supervisory Activities, discussed measures for reducing pressure on business on air during the program Pravda, broadcast on the Public Television of Russia channel.
16 february 2018 RBC
Anton Steshenko

Anton Steshenko Department for Strategic Development, Public Administration and Regional Policy

Cluster Development Strategy is yet to Start in Russian Regions
According to RBC+, the most successful economies in the world develop on the basis of innovative territorial clusters. Russia started creating such system of clusters 5 years ago and so far it hasn't proved effective everywhere.
15 february 2018 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Tatiana Radchenko

Tatiana Radchenko Deputy Head

Business Complains about Customs Procedures and Rising Rates
The Analytical Center has published a report presenting the findings of a poll of about 1300 manufacturers, trading, consultancy and transport companies that export their goods and services.
14 february 2018 Izvestia
Vladislav Onishchenko

Vladislav Onishchenko Deputy Head

A review of benefits is to help the tax system
Leading expert associations in Russia are drafting proposals for the tax reform that the government plans to carry out as soon as this year, the Izvestiya newspaper writes. First Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Vladislav Onishchenko answered questions put to him by the newspaper's correspondent about what kind of changes the country's tax system is in need of.
12 february 2018 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Daniil Nametkin

Daniil Nametkin Department for Expert Analytics

Volatility persistence in external markets may increase market rates
Slowdown of inflation may continue in the first half of the year. It will return to the target level (4%) only in the next year. Thereafter, the rate will cease to decrease until the inflation target is revised or the premium for Russian risk is reduced. Previously, the equilibrium level of the rate was estimated by the management of the Bank of Russia in the range of 6-7%.