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18 april 2018 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Igor Ivanov

Igor Ivanov Adviser to Head of the Analytical Center

People will be able to use the same public transport card to pay fares anywhere in the country
Passengers, including those that have benefits, will be able to use one transport card to pay for rides in any city in Russia, regardless of the regional differences in payment technologies, writes the Rossiyskaya Gazeta. Advisor to the Head of the Analytical Center Igor Ivanov told a Rossiyskaya Gazeta journalist about how this system might work.
17 april 2018 PC Week
Anatoliy Karpenko

Anatoliy Karpenko Department for Information Technologies

State authorities should more widely utilize the capabilities of information and analytical tools
A recent study conducted by the Analytical Center as part of the Best Information and Analytical Tools contest reveals some interesting statistics on how federal and regional public authorities use information and analytical tools, write PC Week.
17 april 2018 TASS
Mikhail Pryadilnikov

Mikhail Pryadilnikov Deputy Head

The Territorial Development Strategy Must Include Industry and Infrastructure Priorities
Russia's territorial development strategy must include industry and infrastructure priorities that the regions of the country could use as guidelines, TASS writes citing Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Mikhail Pryadilnikov.
13 april 2018 Federal News Agency
Aleksey Safronov

Aleksey Safronov Department for State-Run Programs and Budgeting

Share of Repaired Roads in Agglomerations is to Increase to 61.3%
The Safe and Quality Roads priority project aims to bring the roads of 38 urban agglomerations up to standard. By late 2018, at least 50% of the roads in the target agglomerations must meet specificaiton requirements and by late 2025 that percentage must be at least 85%. This should reduce the number of traffic accident concentration locations in the same proportion. Analytical Center expert Aleksey Safronov told a correspondent from the RIA FAN (Federal News Agency) about the indicators to be used for assessing the quality of roads.
13 april 2018 CityMagazine
Ksenia Sukhorukova

Ksenia Sukhorukova Department for Foreign Economic Activity

Geography of Non-Resource and Non-Energy Exports from Russia is Expanding
Traditionally, Russia has been an exporter of raw materials, mainly fuel. But due to the price decline for hydrocarbons in 2014, an issue of diversification of Russian exports and switching to non-resource exports, primarily non-energy ones, has arisen. For 11 months of 2017, the volume of non-resource and non-energy exports from Russia amounted to USD 116 billion, which is 20.8% higher than the indicator for the similar period of 2016.
13 april 2018 TVC
Leonid Grigoryev

Leonid Grigoryev Chief Adviser to Head of the Analytical Center

By the end of 2019 we will reach the historical value of oil demand
What is the state of the Russian economy? What could promote its growth in the coming years? Does the Russian financial system, in view of negative external factors, have sufficient margin of safety? The Chief Advisor to the Head of the Analytical Center Leonid Grigoriev answered these questions on TV Center.
12 april 2018 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Victoria Gimadi

Victoria Gimadi Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

In 2011-2017 Russian companies did a big job on refinery modernization
"In recent years, Russian refinery industry has achieved substantil success. First, the domestic market has been put on full supply with its own gasoilne and class 5 diesel fuel. For comparison: in 2011 the share of class 5 fuel in the structure of gasoline consumption was just two percent and the share of diesel was 17 percent. Second, the processing depth has been increased. While in 2011 the mean value was 70.6 percent, in 2017, according to the data made available by the Federal Statistics Service, it was 81 percent. The Ministry of Economic Development gave a higher value of 81.3 percent," Victoria Gimadi, the Head of the Department for the Fuel and Energy Sector of the Analytical Center told a Rossiyskaya Gazeta correspondent.
11 april 2018 OTR
Leonid Grigoryev

Leonid Grigoryev Chief Adviser to Head of the Analytical Center

Sanctions are a Dictated Industrial Policy
Anti-Russian sanctions have been in effect for the fourth year. What is their influence on the country economy? What is their impact on small and medium enterprises in Russia? The Chief Advisor to the Head of the Analytical Center Leonid Grigoriev answered these and other questions in an interview for Public Russian Television.
5 april 2018 Nezavisimaya Gazeta
Leonid Grigoryev

Leonid Grigoryev Chief Adviser to Head of the Analytical Center

Russia Used Oil Revenues to Pull out of the 1990s Crisis
Russia got rich because of the "oil curse" but it still fell behind the leading nations, writes the Independent Newspaper, citing a bulletin on the current trends in the global economy published by the Analytical Center under the title "Uneven Economic Development around the World".
4 april 2018 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Alexander Kurdin

Alexander Kurdin Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

Initiative to Abolish the Law on Natural Monopolies Closely Linked to New Tariff Policy
The issue of the tariff policy in the energy sector is the main topic of the new energy bulletin prepared by Analytical Center experts.