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28 february 2017 Ekho Moskvy
Leonid Grigoriev

Leonid Grigoriev Chief Adviser to Head of the Analytical Center

Ministry of Finance wants to revive people's faith in government securities
The federal loan bonds (OFZ) which the Ministry of Finance plans to issue in April will not suffer the same fate as the short-term bonds (GKO), Leonid Grigoriev, Chief Advisor to Head of the Analytical Center, is sure. "The probability of a second collapse of domestic government securities within the nearest 25 years is extremely low," the expert declared in an interview for the "Echo of Moscow" radio station.
21 february 2017 OTR
Dmitry Khomchenko

Dmitry Khomchenko Department for Sectors of Economy

Non-payments increase and tariffs growth in response
Average heating costs for people in the Russian regions are estimated at RUB 3,174 in January 2017. However, they are lower in big cities than in urban-type villages. What are the factors that define heating costs? Mr. Dmitry Khomchenko, an expert for the Analytical Center, answered questions of OTR-TV channel’s journalists.
21 february 2017 RBC-TV
Gleb Pokatovich

Gleb Pokatovich Deputy Head

We learned to count better
The Federal Statistics Service transformed the industry downturn into its growth: the industrial production decreased by less than 1% in 2015 and increased by 1.3% in 2016, according to updated information of the agency. Mr. Gleb Pokatovich, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, tells where this updated information comes from and how the new calculation methodology works in a broadcast of RBC-TV channel.
20 february 2017 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Irina Pominova

Irina Pominova Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

Ukraine needs to negotiate with Russia to resume gas supplies
The Ukraine faces shortage of energy raw materials and another round of social tension. “The main energy sources in the Ukraine are coal, gas and nuclear power plants. The gas situation is rather bleak, and the only choice is to negotiate with Russia to resume gas supplies. Otherwise, there may be risks for gas transit to Europe that will create problems for the Ukraine," said Irina Pominova, Deputy Head of Department for Fuel and Energy Sector of the Analytical Centre.
17 february 2017 Kommersant
Grigoriy Mikryukov

Grigoriy Mikryukov Department for Sectors of Economy

Government’s export development project to start with China as pilot route
In March Russia plans to dispatch its first ever container train with food export traveling from the European part of Russia to China. This is seen as an attempt to both expand the export of Russian agricultural products and to find a solution for the problem of container load on their return from China where they travel empty.
16 february 2017 Energosberezhenie
Evgeny Gasho

Evgeny Gasho Department for Expert Analytics

Vast energy conservation reserves are indeed available
The “Energosberezheniye” magazine has published an interview with Evgeny Gasho, expert with the Analytical Centre, titled “Energy efficiency must become an effective driving factor in the country’s economic development…», where Mr. Gasho talks about how the heat supply in our country works and why consumers are grossly overcharged on heating bills.
16 february 2017 TV Channel "Zvezda"
Elena Kovaleva (Parshina)

Elena Kovaleva (Parshina) Department for Competition Policy

There is no reason for price explosion in 2017
Elena Kovaleva, expert of the Analytical Centre, talked about food inflation, outcomes in the event of the sanctions lifting, and what the major grocery retail chains and their customers might expect, on "Zvezda" ("Star") TV Channel
14 february 2017 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Daniil Nametkin

Daniil Nametkin Department for Expert Analytics

Over 150 Russian banks keep losing money
Experts believe that the main problems in the banking system are yet to be uncovered while the rate at which banking licenses are being rescinded in Russia may yet increase further, according to the Rossiyskaya Gazeta.
13 february 2017 Energosberezhenie
Evgeny Gasho

Evgeny Gasho Department for Expert Analytics

Economic Benefit of Energy Saving Is Impeded with 'Expensive' Money rather Than 'Cheap' Power
Elektrosnabzhenie magazine published article by Evgeny Gasho, the expert of the Analytical Center, titled “Handling the Problem of Energy Saving in Russia. Certain Results and Myths.” The article addresses some widespread myths preventing energy saving in our country.
10 february 2017 "Komsomolskaya Pravda"
Victoria Gimadi

Victoria Gimadi Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

Legislation Does Not Provide for Cross-Subsidization in Field of Heat Supply
Zabaykalsky Krai can recall cross-subsidization of the heat tariffs. Late last year the story of cross-rate differences was given publicity, when the local government tried to evade subsidization through the increased utility load on legal entities, and raised the tariffs by 35%. The Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper states that the rates, however, were cancelled due to disaffection of the big business leaders.