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11 january 2018 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Alexander Amiragyan

Alexander Amiragyan Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

The Infrastructure Is Not Enough for Widespread Switching to Gas Fuel
Gasoline and diesel fuel account for almost all fuel (99%) consumed by road vehicles in Russia. This figure remains unchanged for several decades, but the government has been actively promoting the shift of commercial and public transport to gas in recent years. The Analytical Center estimated that re-equipping of gasoline taxi cars will pay off in less than six months and it will be possible to curb the growth of ticket prices in the conditions of lower gas cost.
9 january 2018 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Grigoriy Mikryukov

Grigoriy Mikryukov Department for Sectors of Economy

People in Russia are Not Fully Aware of the Energy Efficiency of Home Appliances
About 90% of Russians do not understand the energy efficiency labels on household appliances, according to the Rossiyskaya Gazeta. The newspaper believes that dirt cheap energy prices compared to, say, the EU, mean that Russians generally have no incentive to save electricity. In the meantime labels showing the energy efficiency class can be found on all household appliances from major manufacturers and in general they tend to be quite accurate.
29 december 2017 RBC-TV
Alexander Amiragyan

Alexander Amiragyan Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

Installing Solar Power Plants on Individual Homes can Pay Back within 15–20 Years
"In Russia the main incentives that the state offers to support small-scale generation of electric power from renewable sources focus on the development of domestic technologies in this area, primarily solar and wind power as well as on increasing the role of green energy in the economy as a whole," Analytical Center expert Alexander Amiragyan said on RBC-TV.
28 december 2017 Russia 24
Svyatoslav Pikh

Svyatoslav Pikh Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

Asia Pacific Remains Key for Sales of Russian LNG
"After 2020 there are plans for 3 major projects that no investment decisions have yet been made regarding the implementation of: the Baltic LNG (10 mln tonnes), the Arctic LNG (16.5 mln tonnes) on the Gydansky peninsula as well as the construction of the third stage of Sakhalin LNG (4.8 mln tonnes). Should all these projects be implemented, the total LNG export capacity may reach 25-30 mln tonnes per year (or about 35-40 bln cubic meters of natural gas), which is going to be exported primarily to Asia Pacific," Analytical Center expert Svyatoslav Pikh said in an interview for Russia 24.
26 december 2017 Agroinvestor
Elena Razumova

Elena Razumova Department for Expert Analytics

Problems with Access to Borrowed Funds for Agricultural Companies Evade Comprehensive Solution
"On the whole short-term loans have proved to be hardly accessible for small agricultural companies as a support mechanism even though RUB 4.4 billion was allocated to this purpose in the budget," said Analytical Center expert Elena Razumova in an interview for Agroinvestor magazine.
26 december 2017 RIA Novosti
Elena Razumova

Elena Razumova Department for Expert Analytics

The State will have to Be More Pro-Active in Stimulating Investment Processes in Agriculture
"2017 made it clear that the country's logistics infrastructure simply cannot handle super big harvests both in terms of deliveries and in terms of storage of grains," Analytical Center expert Elena Razumova told a RIA Novosti correspondent.
19 december 2017 RBC
Tumun Tsydypov

Tumun Tsydypov Project Management Office for Implementing the Reform of the Oversight and Supervision Function

Indexes have become a coordinate system for the reform of monitoring and supervision
The indexes for assessing the administrative load on businesses and the quality of administration as well as their role in the further reform of monitoring and supervision were the topic covered on RBC TV by Tumun Tsydypov, Deputy Head of the Project Management Office for the reform of monitoring and supervision activities.
15 december 2017 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Evgeniy Kislyakov

Evgeniy Kislyakov Deputy Head

Digital technologies dictate the game rules in the labor market
Changes in the labor market give a good example of how digital technologies are affecting our lives. Robots are replacing people. Automation can already handle document processing, recruiting and basic office management tasks. 15-20 years from now, demand for human workforce is going to plummet in all kinds of jobs related to performing routine operations such as operating machines, preparing fast food, gathering and processing data, book keeping and accounting and many others. Demand for researchers, engineers, medical workers and educators, social workers, fitness coaches, managers and service sector employees is going to continue to go strong and will probably even increase. People that can make decisions, especially in non-standard situations, will be in demand.
11 december 2017 Kommersant
Aleksey Safronov

Aleksey Safronov Department for State-Run Programs and Budgeting

Passengers are willing to pay for comfort
Analytical Center expert Aleksey Safronov told the Kommersant about some of the simple and complex ways to make suburban trains more profitable.
8 december 2017 Kommersant
Svetlana Ganeeva

Svetlana Ganeeva Deputy Head

Regions Need a Clear and Easy-to-Understand Explanation of Benefits of Commuter Train Services
The adoption of new regulations providing regional authorities with an explanation of the pattern of expenses incurred by companies operating commuter train services should answer a lot of questions that regional governments have about how to calculate the compensations supposed to be paid to these companies, however, these regulations do not guarantee that these compensations will be paid. Svetlana Ganeeva, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, shared some of her ideas with the Kommersant newspaper about how the regulators should use the new documents in practice.