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28 july 2017 RBC
Gleb Pokatovich

Gleb Pokatovich Deputy Head

Russia's debt policy has been very careful
The Russian state may become a net debtor next year, even though up to this point it has traditionally been playing the role of a net creditor, RBC writes. "When assessing the macroeconomic stability of a country, a key parameter is not the difference between the amount of loans taken and loans issued, but the amount of state debt," Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Gleb Pokatovich commented.
28 july 2017 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Victoria Gimadi

Victoria Gimadi Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

When debating the quality of natural gas with the supplier, the consumer can rely upon standard requirements
Russia is about to embark on a mass installation of anti-magnetic seals on natural gas meters to detect whether consumers are stealing gas or not. Consumers will be able to opt out of installing gas meters and seals but in that case they will have to pay a higher rate for the gas. However, consumers do have the right to demand that high quality natural gas is supplied to them. Analytical Center expert Victoria Gimadi commented on the situation to a Rossiyskaya Gazeta correspondent.
25 july 2017 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Alexander Kurdin

Alexander Kurdin Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

The US could not possibly create insurmountable obstacles for Nord Stream 2
"The planned Nord Stream-2 pipeline is not only becoming a target for sanctions as one of the export natural gas pipelines but is directly mentioned in the bill that the House of Representatives of the US Congress is about to vote on as a key bone of contention for the US," Analytical Center expert Alexander Kurdin explained to a Rossiyskaya Gazeta correspondent.
24 july 2017 Gudok
Alexander Malakhov

Alexander Malakhov Department for Information Technologies

Uberization is engulfing both transport and other sectors of the economy
On-line rail ticket sales services are being unified and integrated, overhauling the entire trip planning process. In the future, a single on-line trading platform will be created for passengers, transport companies and booking companies. Analytical Center expert Alexander Malakhov told Gudok about the economic effects of introducing digital technologies in public transport.
24 july 2017 IA REGNUM
Anna Lobanova

Anna Lobanova Department for Research Studies

Shutdown of nuclear power plants in France can affect other countries
France's intention to develop a detailed road-map to cut back the share of nuclear power in the country's total energy balance is not yet going to have a major impact on the French power industry as whole. That is according to Analytical Center expert Anna Lobanova who gave an interview on the issue for IA REGNUM.
13 july 2017 TEK Rossii
Svyatoslav Pikh

Svyatoslav Pikh Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

Minimal risks of a decrease in oil productionl
"In Qatar, Russia does not have any assets in oil and gas industries, so companies can only be affected indirectly, that is, by changes in regional gas markets," said the Analytical Center expert Svyatoslav Pikh. At the beginning of summer a number of states broke off diplomatic relations with Qatar, ceased air flights, closed their airspace, and severed trade ties. In less than a month, Saudi Arabia and its allies have issued a 13-point ultimatum to Doha as the price for normalization of relations, but Qatar declared that the demands were impossible to meet. TEK Rossii correspondents asked experts how the Qatar crisis would affect the energy market, including that of Russia.
10 july 2017 TASS Audio
Inna Karakchiyeva

Inna Karakchiyeva Department for Expert Analytics

The importance of non-formal education is increasing these days
"The cost of educational services in higher education institutions is often increasing because of their underfunding by the state," Inna Karakchiyeva, an expert of the Analytical Center, said on Tass Audio.
6 july 2017 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Daniil Nametkin

Daniil Nametkin Department for Expert Analytics

Legislating the so-called motivated judgment will help avoid license revocation
The Bank of Russia intends to expand its right to the so-called professional judgment. This will allow it to conduct audits even in the absence of formal evidence a violation of the law. Those are the proposals contained in a consultative report published by the Bank of Russia. The first bills based on this report are expected to be submitted to the Duma during the spring session.
5 july 2017 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Irina Pominova

Irina Pominova Department for Fuel and Energy Sector

Complete privatization of extractive assets in petroleum industry, exception to the rules
The privatization of national oil companies (NOC) in the near future will make competition between petroleum companies more challenging and intense, simultaneously reducing the possibility of NOC manipulation for political goals. Such outcome of the divestiture of government assets in different parts of the world is expected by the Analytical Center’s experts. In the June issue of the Energy Bulletin, analysts note that privatization has also affected Asia and Latin America, while new NOC are being established by countries in the processing and sales segments, and not extractive segments.
21 june 2017 Rossiyskaya Gazeta
Daniil Nametkin

Daniil Nametkin Department for Expert Analytics

Possible new sanctions to speed up non-residents leaving federal loan bond market
Elvira Nabiullina, head of the Central Bank of Russia, does not expect new American sanctions to influence considerably the financial market, and she believes the effect of previously imposed sanctions has almost worn off. That was her comment on a possible US ban on investments into Russian public debt and related derivatives, and further limitation of Russian banks' financing period in the US from 90 to 14 days.