Two out of three residents of Moscow and Moscow Oblast think commuter train fares are adequate

20 april 2016 | TASS

“The study conducted by the Analytical Center looked at commuter trains in the Moscow urban agglomeration. The key finding is that two thrids of the people using them regard their fares as adequate,” Svetlana Ganeeva, the Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, is quoted as saying by TASS at the Passenger Transport Forum 2016.

Svetlana Ganeeva
Svetlana Ganeeva
Deputy Director General

Ms. Ganeeva presented the findings of the survey at the forum: 37% of the respondents believe that the fares charged for commuter train trips match the quality of service; 29% are sure the rides are more expensive than the quality of service; 20% say the fares are much higher than the level of quality provided and that at this level of prices both the speed and the level of service must be higher, while 14% of the respondents say the quality of service provided for the price is so bad that they can justify free riders.

Ms. Ganeeva also noted that one of the more useful findings of the survey was the need for ticket vending machines (TVMs) on the platforms as 70% of all passengers and 40% of regular passengers that use the commuter trains at least 2-4 times a week buy single-ride tickets every time they go on a commuter train. Express commuter trains with better amenities sound like a promising idea as 86% of the respondents said they would be willing to pay extra to ride on such trains.

The study was conducted by the Analytical Center in late 2015 - early 2016. The target population included residents of Moscow and Moscow Oblast. The goal was to find out the degree to which commuter train passengers were satisfied with the level of service they were getting and find out what improvements they would want to see and whether they would be willing to pay extra for such improvements.

Source: TASS

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