Generally, the heat supply system of Moscow is put right

18 february 2016 | M24.RU

Moscow plans to approve a heat supply program through 2030 subject to the needs of the Troitsk and Novomoskovsk Administrative Okrug. This is stated in the documents of the City’s Fuel and Power Department. The draft program provides for constructing and renovating 280 km of heat distribution networks throughout Moscow, including around 95 km in the Troitsk and Novomoskovsk Administrative Okrug.

Evgeny Gasho
Evgeny Gasho
Department for Expert Analytics

Evgeniy Gasho, an expert of the Analytical Center, confirmed in his interview to Moscow-24 that all heat and electricity needs of the districts were carefully calculated at the first program design stage. “We are fully responsible for the first stage of the work we did at Scientific & Research Design Institute Energoprom in 2009. That was a good job; we designed a full electronic circuit, calculated all balances, the efficiency and reliability of the program were calculated with mathematical accuracy”, said the expert.

Mr. Gasho added that ideally all heat supply networks and turbines would have to be replaced, but in general the heat supply system of the capital city was put in order. “The most expensive thing is replacing the turbines and heat supply networks. And if they do not buy poor quality pipes, everything should be rather effective”, explained the expert.

Besides, a new sewage collector 20 km long will be built in the Troitsk and Novomoskovsk Administrative District. Household and domestic sewage waste will be channeled from Mosrentgen to the Kurianovo Aeration Station, according to the publication.