Turkey benefits from buying Russian wheat

2 february 2016 | INA Rossiya Segodnya

Analysts believe that Turkey is not likely to change its policy in relation to buying Russian wheat as it has no alternatives. “For Turkey the benefits of buying Russian wheat are both in its competitive price and the quality that suits its flour milling industry. It is very hard to find an adequate replacement for that,” Elena Razumova, an expert of the Analytical Center, told INA Rossiya Segodnya.

Elena Razumova
Elena Razumova
Department for Expert Analytics

Turkey recently explained its continued procurement of Russian wheat by unwillingness to harm farmers, the news agency notes. Ankara could do more damage to Russian agriculture than Russian sanctions have harmed the Turkish economy, but it prefers not to do that, Turkey’s Minister for Agriculture Faruk Çelik claims.

According to the Russian Ministry for Agriculture, Russia is not planning to limit its export of grain to Turkey unless Turkey proposes the move. The likelihood that Turkish authorities will limit the imports of Russian grain is very low, because currently 85% of Turkish flour is made of Russian wheat.