Regions need to form a road map for project management

1 february 2016 | Project Management magazine

Project Management magazine published an article by Olesya Safonova, an expert of the Analytical Center, “Implementing Project Management Methods – a Key Tool to Increase Efficiency of the Public Sector”.

Olesya Safonova
Olesya Safonova
Department for Project Management in the Public Sector

“An advantage of the project management is that it ensures itemization and transparency of operations, enables increasing the quality of achieved results and reducing the time to achieve them, and contributes to better quality of interdepartmental communication,” believes Ms Safonova.

Project offices were established in every region of Russia by 1 November 2015 and now regions are to develop a road map: plan measures for each cluster of activities, describe a project, and appoint a manager who will coordinate the time and resources of that project.  In this connection, the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration trained some regional teams, informed the expert.

Besides, Ms Safonova spoke about the Project Olimp contest for professional project managers in the public sector, arranged and held by the Analytical Center for the third year in a row. “This year we have observed high activity and interest to the annual specialist conference held by the Analytical Center and visited by 250 participants from various locations all over our country. The participants shared their experience and insights in learning the project management and discussed the best practices applied by the finalists of Project Olimp that has started to gain international recognition,” said Ms Safonova to the Project Management magazine.