Business needs cheap money for development

27 january 2016 | Expert

“Business needs money for development, cheap money, to be precise, and apart from money it needs technology parks, business incubators, industrial parks, and networking venues — in other words all the infrastructure that will allow it to move forward,” Vasily Pushkin, the Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, was quoted as saying by "Expert Yug."

Vasily Pushkin
Vasily Pushkin
Deputy Head

Mr. Pushkin spoke at the 11th Annual Congress of the largest companies in the Southern Federal District titled “New Economic Policy for the Russian South”. The keynote of the discussion was the slogan 'learn to live after oil' - in other words participants were talking about coming up with a new development strategy that is not tied to just one or two industries.

If we want to see prolific growth we need to think in terms of large regions. Then the leading regions could help stragglers catch up, while at the same time finding ways to use each other’s resources. “Mr. Pushkin is convinced that today the Government is offering all possible support measures to those who want to promote development but not all regions are taking advantage of them. What is important is to remember that we always need to check what we are doing against the strategy we have adopted and then it can be used as a management tool,” Expert Yug writes.