Share of Domestic Products in Key Markets Continues Upward Trends

29 december 2015 | RIA Novosti

'Producing companies will still slow the dry milk production, as world prices for that product are rather low, and it is simpler to buy it in the foreign market, and released resources will be used for more marginal products,' said Yelena Razumova, the Expert of the Analytical Center, to a reporter of RIA Novosti commenting on domestic agricultural market trends.

Elena Razumova
Elena Razumova
Department for Expert Analytics

'The growth trends of domestic products share in some key markets (pork, poultry, butter and cheese) appeared to set much earlier than the embargo introduction – since early 2013, and we observe no fundamental causes for any dramatic changes in these trends,' said Ms Razumova.

According to the expert, the production of pork and poultry will grow within the meat market and, in general, these products may be expected to demonstrate a considerable growth of exports.

'The cattle segment, on the contrary, will decrease both in the industrial sector and in households, although such major players like Miratorg will continue strengthening their positions in this market,' believes Ms Razumova.

The expert specifies that the production of cheese and butter will grow as well, but at a more moderate pace than in 2014. Meanwhile, the fish, fruit and vegetable segments will witness no change, the expert considers.

Source: RIA Novosti